Welcome to My Cigar Site. And if you love cigars the same way that the contributors to this site do, then you are in luck. You will learn about the best cigar accessories, as well as how to cut as well as store cigars properly. Are you unsure of how to properly light your cigars? You will learn about that as well on My Cigar Site.

What we want to do for you is to provide as much information on the basics about cigars. You will find out about the tips, cutters, humidors, and all of the other accessories that you will need. Once your palate matures, you do, too, as that is the belief at My Cigar Site. We also have four different contributors who are cigar experts that can provide you with knowledge about cigars. You will learn about the cigar experts on the About Page, and each of them shares their passion for cigars.  Let’s now go over the categories which will teach you a lot that you need to know.


Cigars Basics & Tips

If there is something that is both complicated and easy, then that refers to cigars. If you are a cigar aficionado who learns about the niche independently, you need to know more about cigar basics. You will learn about the information, basics, and challenges that you could encounter in this category. Therefore, this is an invaluable section for you as a cigar lover and connoisseur.

Cigar Cutters

Do you struggle with cigar cutting? Then this section is for you as you will learn about to create the perfect cut. You will learn about the cutters that provide the punch cut, the V-cut, and the straight cut in this category. You will learn tips on not cutting the cigar too far down the head and learning how to create a firm cut. Discover the best cutters that the cigar experts recommend.

Cigar Humidors

What is the one thing that helps the cigar keep its delicious taste? The moisture inside of it, and you will need to know how much humidity and moisture is in the environment where you plan to store your cigars. If there is not enough moisture, the cigars won’t taste good, and if it is too much, they will grow mold. That is why you need the best quality humidor for cigar storage, so your cigars maintain their freshness. The one thing that cigars and wine have in common is that they improve with age as long as they are in the right storage. This section is all about the best humidors for cigar storage.

Cigars & Golf

As you know, cigars and golf make a great pair. However, what is the best type of cigars you can enjoy while playing golf with some clients, colleagues, or friends? Looking for the ideal cigar to pair with a golf game comes with its challenges. This particular category will provide you with the necessary information that you will require for that, so you no longer have to struggle to find the perfect cigar. You will also know about what portable ashtrays and travel humidors to take.

Other Accessories

You already know you need a cigar humidor, as well as a cutter, and you know about the tips when it comes to finding the best cigar. However, there are other accessories you need when it comes to creating the right cigar experience. And you will find that information in this section. Discover the best lighters, matches, hydrometers, and ashtrays. You need the best holder, draw tools, and cedarwood spills, all in this category.

Who We Are

My Cigar Site has passionate cigar confessors, including a cigar sommelier, a chef with cigar pairing expertise, and a cigar expert who runs a cigar lounge. Another contributor is a farmer who is also a plant scientist and a botanist.