Hi, my name is Rafael Silvio and I am a cigar aficionado living in Madrid, Spain.But cigars are not my business, and I do not have any direct or indirect, nor professional or commercial relationship with any tobacco or cigar industries. So, please do not contact me to ask for information regarding cigar purchasing in (or delivering from) Spain. Tobacco shops in Spain are called Estancos, and you can get some addresses, as well as phone and fax numbers, at the Where to buy FAQ page.

You can also find at my prices page a price list of all habanos sold in Spain.

Almost all the cigars that I smoke are Habanos, and hence all my pages are related with cigars manufactured in Cuba.I am publishing two different kinds of information: One with general info on Cuban cigars, and another related with the special events organized by Habanos, s.a. that I have attended.