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Do you often find that your cigars lack taste and don’t provide you with the best experience? Do you often find that they end up either drying up or becoming moldy after you store your cigars? Are you unsure of the right accessories to use with your cigars? You no longer have to wonder about that because My Cigar Site will provide you with the information you need. You will know about every type of cigar, its accessories, humidors, golf, cutters, and you will learn the tips and tricks to utilize when it comes to having the best cigar experience. There will be no more guessing games on your end when it comes to how to make the most of your cigars.

My Cigar site features reviews and other essential information about cigars, as four different cigar experts in their fields contribute their excellent content to the site. My Cigar Site contributors include a cigar sommelier, a farmer who is also a botanist and plant scientist, and an expert who runs a cigar lounge. A chef who has cigar pairing expertise contributes excellent content to the site and provides more useful information.

We hope you find what you are looking for at My Cigar Site.

Anthony Miguel

Anthony Miguel was born and raised in Manhattan, New York, as he was the youngest to six siblings. His parents worked in the food and wine industry. Most young children are picky eaters, but Anthony was always looking forward to tasting different foods. Anthony developed an interest in gourmet food in high school and had plans to become a food critic.

Anthony entered the food and nutrition program at NYU Steinhardt for several years. After graduation, he became a food critic and wrote many pieces about his tasting experiences. However, his future ended up changing after several trips he made to Cuba.

During his trips to Havana, he developed a strong passion for cigars and became interested in the industry. He wanted to learn about cutting, rolling, storing, and taking proper care of cigars. Anthony wanted to know everything about the highest-quality cigars, as well as cigar culture.

After developing this passion for the cigar industry, Anthony looked into becoming a cigar sommelier and took the Tobacconist University program in Princeton, New Jersey. After completing the program, Anthony became a cigar sommelier. He worked at several five-star hotels in different cities of the United States, including Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, and Seattle, where he currently works. Anthony gave talks on what cigars to pair with certain foods and became a well-liked cigar sommelier in each hotel where he worked.

Anthony contributes high-quality content on My Cigar Site, and he is married with a teenage son. When Anthony is not working or contributing content about cigars, he enjoys playing poker games, traveling, and playing the piano.

Jordan North

Jordan North was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, to parents who owned a florist shop in the city’s downtown core. Based on the fact that Jordan used to ask his parents many questions about plants, his mother nurtured his interests in botany and encouraged him to go into the field. Jordan listened to his mother and his intuition as he knew that working in the botany field was his destiny. He attended Purdue University in West Lafayette and took the Botany and Plant Pathology program. Jordan graduated from the program with a 3.8 GPA.

Jordan moved to Indianapolis’s outskirts and became the known farmer, botanist, and plant scientist in the area. He has studied and harvested plenty of tobacco plants, cannabis, and other plants. His entire life revolves around his work line, and he also decided to take some writing courses and become a freelance writer in botany. He contributes his work for many colleges and universities, and Jordan also contributes good-quality content to My Cigar Site.

Jordan is married to a PSW and has two daughters where one of them shows interest in botany. He is also a proud owner of a Boxer. When Jordan is not working, he spends time by the local pond with his Boxer and enjoys watching suspense-thriller movies.

Jean-Luc Delcroix

Jean-Luc Delcroix was born in Liege, Belgium, and moved to Montreal, Canada, at nine as his father had a business opportunity. He always had an interest in cooking and developed that interest even before his family moved to Canada. Jean-Luc ended up attending the culinary school of Academie Culinaire in Montreal. Not only did he learn to make traditional Belgian dishes, which he learned to do from home. However, he learned to cook traditional Moroccan, Italian, Mexican, seafood, Indian dishes, and more.

As Jean-Luc progressed with his career as a chef, he developed an interest in cigars and began studying them. He learned a lot more about cigars after going on several trips to Havana, Cuba. He began researching how to pair different cigars with dishes, wine, coffee, beer, and spirits. Jean-Luc shared his expertise on numerous cigar-related forums and talked about which cigars to pair with individual dishes and avoid pairing with other dishes.

Jean-Luc shares his cigar pairing expertise with several publications, including My Cigar Site. Jean-Luc resides in Quebec City, is married to a fashion designer, and has two daughters and a dog. When Jean-Luc is not working, he paints and is currently studying different languages.

Paul Russo

Paul Russo was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His father was a successful and ambitious businessman who taught Paul and his brothers a lot about the value of hard work. Paul did not know what to do with his life during his youth but decided to attend The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. After graduation, Paul scored a management position at a men’s clothing store in downtown Chicago. However, not long after that, Paul began a friendship with a man who enjoyed cigars and had a passion for them.

Paul caught on quickly, and even though the friendship did not last because of a difference they encountered, Paul’s passion for cigars never waned. Paul visited Cuba several times to do more research on cigars. He eventually attended the Tobacconist University program in Princeton, New Jersey. Therefore, Paul took his business knowledge and love for cigars and decided to open up a cigar lounge as he became a real expert. Around the same time, Paul met his wife from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Paul eventually settled in Minneapolis and married his wife, and at the same time, he opened up his cigar lounge in the area. After several years, Paul founded My Cigar Site and is the Chief Editor as well. Paul is quite busy managing his cigar lounge and managing My Cigar Site. However, when he is not working, Paul enjoys traveling with his wife and one son, and he is currently writing a novel, which he anticipates releasing in another year.