How To Make A Humidor

INTRODUCTION Instead of just purchasing a humidor, you can build up your own. Most people create and design their humidors as it tends to be more affordable and economical. If your budget is relatively small, then you’d probably shop around for cheap wood. Humidors may cost up to 100 dollars. As a cigar smoker/fan, you … Read more

How to Diagnose And Fix Humidor Leak?

Introduction Sadly, humidor leak is one situation that can’t be noticed easily because you will not observe or hear the air when it is leaking out from your humidor. So, you might be wondering how you will know if there is anything wrong with your humidor. In this article, we would be taking you through … Read more

11 Best Cigar Humidors in 2021

Case Elegance Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Cigar Humidor Check Latest Price Whynter CHC-122BD Elite Touch Control Cigar Cooler and Humidor Check Latest Price Woodronic Handmade Glass Top Cigar Humidor Check Latest Price A cigar humidor's primary function is to store cigars and keep them fresh at optimal relative humidity and temperature—the relative humidity range of ... Read more

How To Adjust The Humidity Of Your Humidor

Introduction Humidors help you maintain the freshness of your cigar; it is vital that you learn how to properly adjust the humidity of your humidor to stay in the proper humidity range of 62 to 74 percent humidity. The ideal humidity percentage to maintain is 70%, but most people find it difficult to maintain their … Read more

5 Best Humidor Packs in 2021

Boveda 72% RH Two-Way Humidity Control Check Latest Price Boveda 62% RH 2-Way Humidity Control Check Latest Price Drymistat Humidor Humidifier Tubes Check Latest Price Using humidor packs for your humidor is very important, as they help you easily maintain a particular level of humidity required to keep your cigars fresh. Amazingly, they are easy ... Read more

5 Best Wineador Cigar Coolers in 2021

NewAir CC-300 Cigar Humidor Digital Cooler Check Latest Price Whynter CHC-251S Cigar Cooler Check Latest Price Whynter CHC-122BD Cigar Cooler Check Latest Price Are you looking for the perfect place to store your cigar collection? How about a wineador. Wineadors are primarily wine coolers, but they can be converted to a humidor to store your ... Read more

Scorch Torch 25 50 Cigar Humidor Review

Introduction If you plan on storing large amounts of cigars, the ones that you will not finish in about 3 days you must have a cigar humidor to keep the flavour, freshness and of course the aroma without a cigar humidor in this situation your cigars will dry out. And once cigars dry out, they … Read more

Why is my humidor not holding humidity?

Introduction Most beginners often encounter a lack of humidity in a humidor in the cigar world, so you should not worry when your humidor is not holding humidity. If you own a humidor, this might be a situation you are likely to come across because you might not be able to get the precise humidity … Read more

6 Best Cigar Humidor Coolers in 2021

NewAir CC-300 Cigar Humidor Cooler Check Latest Price Whynter CHC-251S Stainless Steel 400-Cigar Cooler Check Latest Price Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler Check Latest Price If you really love your cigars, then a humidor cooler is the best way to keep your cigars fresh. A cigar humidor cooler is a pre-made storage system designed ... Read more

8 Best Acrylic Humidors in 2021

Scotte Acrylic Cigar Humidor Check Latest Price Acrylic Cigar Humidity Jar Check Latest Price Prestige Import Group Aj25 Acrylic Humidity Jar Check Latest Price The humidor is a humidity-controlled box used to store cigars or any tobacco product. Tobacco products are known to be affected by humidity, too much moisture is usually harmful to these ... Read more

5 Best Cigar Humidor Cabinet in 2021

Prestige Import Group Diamond Plate and See-Through Glass Countertop Humidor Check Latest Price Drawer Desk Top Cigar Humidor Check Latest Price Ravello Humidor HUM-300GR Check Latest Price Cigar lovers and collectors have one thing in common aside from their love for cigars: having a cigar humidor cabinet. Owing a humidor cabinet is very important if ... Read more

What is a Cigar Humidor Solution?

Introduction When you decide to start your cigar collection, you might find it fun to do, but it also comes with its little complications. The most important thing you should have in mind is the proper storage facility because, without adequate storage, your cigar collection could end up dried out, which could cost you a … Read more

8 Best Cigar Humidifiers For Your Humidor in 2021

BOVEDA CIGAR HUMIDIFIER 65% RH Check Latest Price CIGAR OASIS HUMIDIFIER Check Latest Price BOVEDA CIGAR HUMIDIFIER 32% RH Check Latest Price In this informational post, we would be examining the best cigar Humidifiers for your humidor. This post is especially important and appealing if you have an interest in cigars, or you are a ... Read more

Tupperdor Cigar Storage Guide and Review

Introduction A tupperdor is a plastic container that is easily found in most kitchens. You keep your leftovers in them and store various items in them. The tupperdor, also called Tupperware, is a convenient storage unit, and more than storing food, the tupperdor can be used to store cigars. Tupperdor is gotten from combining the … Read more

Prestige Import Group Large Humidor Review

Introduction As a cigar enthusiast, you know that you need to keep your cigars adequately stored to retain the flavor and keep them fresh. Keeping your cigars for a long time requires the use of a humidor, and the Prestige Import Group Large Humidor is one of the best you can get on the market. … Read more

The Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Humidor Review

INTRODUCTION The Mantello 25-50 cigar desktop humidor retains the optimum flavor and strength of cigars. You must keep them at a particular temperature as close as possible to 21 degrees with near 70% humidity. It contains a draw-able tray and divider. It is made of fine Rosewood. They are sometimes of different colors like dark … Read more

La Cubana Glass Wooden Cigar Humidor?

Introduction Having a cigar collection is something familiar among cigar lovers. Having the perfect cigar collection will not be complete if you don’t have the ideal way to preserve them and keep them fresh for when they are needed. The best, most common, and efficient way to protect your cigar is using a humidor. Humidors … Read more

La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor Review

Introduction The La Cubana humidor is known for its solid performance and also its beautiful and elegant construction and finish, all of which make it a wonderful addition to your home or office. A lot of users have recommended this sleek humidor, and if you a cigar buff and serious about preserving your cigars in … Read more