What is a Cigar Humidor Solution?


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When you decide to start your cigar collection, you might find it fun to do, but it also comes with its little complications. The most important thing you should have in mind is the proper storage facility because, without adequate storage, your cigar collection could end up dried out, which could cost you a lot of money. You can check out (How To Store Cigars?). Humidors are the best and most efficient ways to store your cigars, but it takes a lot to make sure your humidor is in the right condition to keep your cigars. One problem which is familiar with humidors is holding humidity. If your humidor doesn’t hold humidity, then you can check out why is my humidor not holding humidty. In this article, we are going to be looking at cigar humidor solutions and its side effects, how it works and everything you need to know about it to help improve your understanding.

Humidor Activator

Humidor, in simple terms, involves the combination of propylene glycol and distilled water to form a solution. The mixture has to be distributed equally, to help people have better control of the humidity level inside the humidor. The fact that this solution is not contaminated is one of the main reasons why it is preferred to plain tap water. Often, plain tap water contains chemicals that could cause bad odour and have a funny taste. Distilled water helps prevent the growth of mould in your humidor, while at the same time creating the right amount of humidity necessary in your humidor. But, this is not the case with the plain tap water.

Using this method is very easy, the only thing required is a flat surface where the humidor will be placed, and after that, you will need to open the solution. Once the humidor is open, you will need to put a little into the humidor and make sure that it avoids the interior of the humidor. You should ensure that the solution is applied on every surface of the humidor, but it should not be excess to prevent it from dripping. This process can be done whenever you notice your cigars drying out or the humidity level is dropping from the readings in your hygrometer.

Humidity level

One problem often faced by most beginners is knowing the ideal humidity condition to maintain inside their humidor. But, with the best solution, you are sure to avoid situations which could make your cigars dry out or cause mould growth. Sixty-eight to seventy-two percentage is the recommended humidity level to be maintained to help prevent your cigar from drying. If you are new to the cigar collection world, then while collecting your cigars, you should also look into the best cigar humidor that could help you properly store your cigars. Without proper storage, then your cigars will be dried out and will not be useful. You might decide to make a humidor that suits your taste and style.

Maintaining humidity level in a humidor

Maintaining the right humidity level is necessary for your humidor to prevent mould growth and your cigars drying out. Still, it is also difficult and can only be sure when you use the best solution and any model made by the top brands. The best brands are usually those who have the best review and ratings available, and once that stage is over, the next thing to do is to get an activator solution. You don’t need to mix anything when it comes to the activator solution, because they have already been mixed before packaging. With the help of the activator solution, maintain the humidity level in your humidor should not be a problem, and it is preferred to distilled water. Hygrometer and thermometer are other instruments which are to be used alongside the activator solution.

Distilled water and activator solution

Most cigar smokers ofter believe that distilled water can also perform the same functions as an activator solution, but cigar experts don’t share the same opinion. An activator solution is best for people who are always busy and don’t have the required time needed to monitor their cigar collection and humidity level in the humidor. Here is how the activator solution works; if the humidity level is low in the humidor, the solution releases the moisture it has absorbed for the air back into the humidor. Also, when the humidity level is high, the solution helps to absorb the excess moisture in the air, thereby allowing you to maintain adequate humidity level. Humidors which lack the proper maintenance can have mould growing in them. Still, when you use the activator solution in your humidor, you can avoid the growth of mould because of the propylene glycol present in the activator solution.

Tools you can use to monitor humidity

After using the activator solution, then you still need to monitor the internal conditions of your humidor to be able the determine which is the best condition. First, you will need to check the hygrometer in your humidor to ensure it is accurate and in perfect condition. The digital hygrometer is best because they provide the most reliable and precise readings. Next, is to check the humidity level, this should be done within a maximum of two weeks interval. The humidity checking needs to be done with your hands, and you will need to check for dry or damper areas inside your humidor. When you are done, and you figure out that your humidor is not working correctly, then it is most likely that the seal is broken.

Stable humidity level

After application of the activator solution, you might notice that it is difficult to maintain the humidity level inside your humidor. It will be best to get a digital hygrometer because it is most accurate and reliable than the analogue model. You should ensure you check the humidity level in your humidor with two weeks maximum and ensure you properly apply the activator solution. If you follow these instructions precisely, you will notice your humidor getting to the perfect humidity level.


We have helped you understand what a cigar humidor solution is, and its benefits to your cigar and humidor. It is also essential that you can prepare your activator solution, but you can also get the premixed solution. With the right activator solution, then maintain the proper humidity level in your humidor. If you notice your cigars are dry, you can rehydrate them check How To Rehydrate Cigars?‘.