How To Adjust The Humidity Of Your Humidor


Humidors help you maintain the freshness of your cigar; it is vital that you learn how to properly adjust the humidity of your humidor to stay in the proper humidity range of 62 to 74 percent humidity. The ideal humidity percentage to maintain is 70%, but most people find it difficult to maintain their humidor at this level. In this guide, you will find tips on how to maintain the humidity level at a constant percentage in order to keep your cigars fresh.

Importance Of Humidity Control

You might think that learning how to properly adjust the humidity of your humidor is a waste of time. Still, if you have spent a lot of money getting a set of premium cigars, you will need to learn how to take care of them in order to preserve their quality. It is vital to keep the humidity at the right level to prevent the tobacco from drying out or growing mould. If you do not invest in a humidor, all the premium cigars you’ve spent a lot of money on will go to waste.

The Perfect Humidity

Cigar enthusiasts have argued over the years on what percentage of humidity is the right one, whether its 62% or 74%. The percentage of humidity that is right for your cigar varies. It depends on what type of humidor you own and the number of cigars you’re keeping and also the kind of cigars.

Keeping the humidity level of your humidor at the maximum temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity of 62 to 74 percent is perfect. If you don’t know how to ensure the temperature is right, you can get a digital hygrometer and thermometer to help you control the level of humidity and also the temperature. Some models feature bells and whistles that will aid you in maintaining the proper humidity level. However, maintain the humidity level can be difficult even for the best humidors.

Cigars must be kept in a place that has a similar temperature as the area the tobacco was grown, and a humidor is the best way to achieve that. Humidors are made to preserve your cigars at the right humidity level and temperature. But they must come with a device if not it’s just a basic wooden box.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you know about caring for cigars; some problems may still arise. Different factors affect the humidity level of a humidor such as the level of humidity in your home.

How To Increase The Humidity Of Your Humidor

If you notice that your cigars are becoming hard to light or they have a change in flavour, then you know that you need to adjust the humidity level to preserve the cigar. Cigars dry out really quickly, so you have to fix the problem as soon as you notice it.

Start by using distilled water to wet a paper towel and then use the paper towel to wipe the inside of the humidor. Doing this allows the inside of the humidor to quickly reach a level of humidity that is ideal. Ensure that the door to the humidor is tightly shut every time you open the humidor. Most times, the door to the humidor can be resistant to being completely closed, so you have to apply pressure until you hear it click. If the door is left open, even if it’s an inch it will allow air go in and out of the humidor.

Ensure that at least every two weeks, you refresh the humidity regulator most especially during the first few weeks that follow the purchase of a new humidor. Make sure that the regulator is filled with starter fluid and distilled water should be used in filling the regulator twice a month after the initial 30 days.

With every fourth refill, ensure that the regulator is filled with starter fluid, also known as humidor fluid and also ensure that there is enough distilled water in order to maintain the humidity level of the humidor.

How To Lower The Humidity Level Of Your Humidor

If the humidity level is too high, mould may start growing on your cigars; it will make it hard to light your cigar. It basically ruins your cigar. This is why it is important to regulate the humidity of your humidor.

To reduce the humidity level, all you have to do is leave the humidor open for some hours and place it in direct sunlight to quickly reduce the humidity level. Also, you can reduce the water in the humidor to lower the humidity level. There are also humidor beads that you can purchase; you can leave these beads inside the humidor to get rid of excess water. They absorb and release moisture depending on what the humidor needs.


Learning how to properly adjust a humidor is important in order to keep your cigars fresh at all times. These tips will help you maintain the right humidity level for your cigars. It is also important to rotate the cigars in the humidor to make sure that every cigar is getting adequate humidity.

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