How To Make A Humidor


Instead of just purchasing a humidor, you can build up your own. Most people create and design their humidors as it tends to be more affordable and economical. If your budget is relatively small, then you’d probably shop around for cheap wood. Humidors may cost up to 100 dollars. As a cigar smoker/fan, you need to preserve your cigars in a place so that they remain fresh and quite ready for smoking at any time. To save yourself some money and also learn something new, you can learn how to make a humidor yourself. If you’re ‘big’ on DIY, then this is for you. Read on to learn how you can save costs and design your very own humidor. Also see how to store cigars

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Anyone who smokes a cigar would undoubtedly prefer a fresh stick, so it is essential that you store your cigars. If you cannot afford a humidor, you can create your humidor for 20 to 35 dollars.

Making a humidor is relatively easy and doable even if you’re not a professional woodworker.

Now, suppose you want to make a humidor or humidifier. In that case, you’ll need to get some necessary materials and specific wood that is durable and affordable for you to line the inside of what you intend to make.

Spanish Cedar is the most popular wood on the market that is used for many models of humidors. The Spanish Cedar is famous for its outstanding reputation in maintaining the perfect humidity level that cigars need to remain fresh. However, there is still a handful of other wood options to consider. Some of these options are further explained below.


There are different types of humidors made from all sorts of materials like acrylic, glass, or even both, but wood is highly recommended when making a humidor. Wood is good at protecting the cigars from sunlight and is pretty good at regulating temperatures while delivering the correct level of humidity. Here are some of the different types of wood that is suitable for making a humidor:

  2. ; The Spanish Cedar is quite famous for its accurate humidity absorption rate. It has a unique scent and can help protect against insects. It is a stable wood and has oils in the wood that give off a natural scent that is quite appealing. The only issue you may have with Spanish cedar wood is the oils emitted from inside, but you can easily wipe it off using a little lacquer or acetone.

  2. ; This wood is also affordable and a valid option other than the Spanish Cedar, especially if your budget is tight. It is almost as good as a Spanish cedar when it comes to its humidity absorption rate although, the Spanish Cedar preserves the cigar’s aroma and flavor.

  2. ; This the cheapest alternative, but it has a more pungent odor. It can efficiently help to preserve humidity and the flavor and aroma of the cigars.


If you’re not big on woodwork, there is a more straightforward option for you, which is remodeling an old wood box. You can also build a small box. Now, if you’re going to remodel and already made box, there are some materials that you need to get first. These materials are; wood glue, handsaw, Spanish cedar for lining the chest, hammer/nails, and lastly, sandpaper. Below are simple steps to re-own an already made wood box;

  • you can easily cut your Spanish Cedar using a table saw. Attach the most significant bit of the Spanish Cedar to the cover and drop into the box
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  • Now, take what’s left of the Cedar and cut it to a shape that’ll fit the sides and bottom. Use good sandpaper of a 100-grain to sand the Spanish Cedar down
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  • Have it in mind that using your hands to sand anything can get quite grubby, so it better to do this part of the job outdoors. As soon as you’re done prepping the wood, ensure to glue the pieces to the box’s bottom and side
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  • Add the hinges, using a hammer and nails
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  • Next, screw in the handle or use a hammer and nails to attach it to the box
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  • Lastly, you need to let the Cedar lining dry for at least twenty-four hours by leaving the cover open
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With this, you have made your very own humidor. You can also buy a hygrometer if you want to go all out. Doing this will help to measure the level of humidity of the interior.


Another simple way of preserving your cigars is to buy using a tupperdor. A tupperdor is a plastic, airtight container. This is the most common DIY humidifier. Not all tupperdors are suitable to keep your cigars fresh, so you may have to modify it a little. Here are some things you’ll need and easy steps on how to do so.

  • First, get a transparent, airtight container, it usually comes with a tray that can be pulled out to place the cigars, but you can use an airtight plastic container you have access to and wash it, so your cigars don’t smell of plastic
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  • You’ll need Spanish Cedar. It has a natural, pleasing scent and is used to line humidors. This Cedar helps to absorb and regulate the moisture so that your cigars remain fresh and ready to smoke while giving them a nice flavor. Cut your Spanish Cedar to shape and insert the tray, if your container has one
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  • you may need a humidor monitor and a humidity controller to regulate the interior of your tupperdor and maintain the humidity level. Put your digital humidor in place and add the cigars. Also, reset the humidity as required. You can use a damp towel for this
  • Place your cigars in your tupperdor and they are safe but remember to keep it sealed and in a cool, dark place


Making your form of a humidor is very doable. If you follow these steps, you can do it with a budget of about 30 dollars instead of purchasing a humidor of around a hundred dollars.