How to keep cigars fresh?

Introduction Caring for your cigar should be something anyone who loves smoking should take seriously because it helps you save money specifically for people who love to buy their cigars in bulk. Most experts know how to store their cigars, so this article will be helpful to mainly random smokers and cigar lovers who need … Read more

A Journey Through Cigar History

INTRODUCTION Cigars have been in existence for thousands of years, but it is still unknown how it was created. Christopher Columbus was the first westerner to discover the existence of the cigar in 1492. It is time to remind ourselves of the cigar’s versatile and rich history and the cultural significance attached to each brand. … Read more

How to Ash a Cigar

Introduction Caring While smoking a cigar, you don’t have to always tap on the ash like you would when smoking a cigarette. Unlike a cigarette, a cigar made by oneself is made of long-filler tobacco, making it hold sturdier longer ash compared to a cigarette. But for a long term smoker, you don’t know how … Read more

How many cigars can you smoke in a day?

Introduction Every beginner is expected to meet challenges when they start smoking. It is inevitable and should not be a cause for concern. Some frequent mistakes beginners make might include; what kind of cigar to pick, how to smoke a cigar or a simple mistake of selecting the perfect cigar. Inhaling the cigar is one … Read more

How long do cigars last?

Introduction A great feeling comes when you light up your cigar, especially the perfectly aged ones, which has a complex flavor accompanied by a perfect aroma. If you have invested some money in getting a cigar collection, it would be terrible if it gets spoilt because you had no idea how to store your cigar … Read more

How Far Down Should A Cigar Be Smoked

INTRODUCTION A beginner at smoking has quite a lot to learn concerning the act of smoking a cigar. A beginner will have to learn about the unwritten rules, etiquettes and traditions that guide the act of smoking cigars. For example, you need to know how to light your cigar and even how to ash it … Read more

How Are Cigars Made?

Introduction You are a cigar lover, or you consider smoking cigars one of your favourite hobbies for relaxation or fun. But do you know how your cigars are made?. In his article, we will be taking you through the in-depth process involved in making some of your favourite cigars. Most cigars we smoke, are made … Read more

Great Reasons People Smoke Cigars

Introduction Many individuals have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to cigars, apart from the obvious health risks of using tobacco. If that is your argument, you should know that having an occasional cigar can improve your overall mental health, unlike cigarettes. Like everything with life, moderation is important. These days you can now … Read more

Quality Importers Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor Review

Introduction Cigars are top-rated among the rich and the poor. There are two primary reasons people purchase cigars, including for smoking or collection purposes. If you buy your cigar for smoking, it should not be a problem as you will not be purchasing in large quantities. Although, people who also purchase in large quantities can … Read more

Do Cigars Affect Your Sleep?

Introduction Smoking is regarded as a form of relaxation for some, while others see it as a hobby or something to do when you want to have fun. But, as much as you love smoking, you need to know your limit. Excess smoking in a day can hurt your energy levels, stamina and sometimes, it … Read more

What Is The Rarest Cigar?

Introduction When it comes to cigars, there are multiple combinations of strengths, lengths, wrapper and gauges; this makes it easy to find a cigar that suits your preference. However, there are some cigars that are difficult to find; they are so rare that even cigar veteran collectors might die without ever seeing one, let alone … Read more

Cuban Cigars 101 Guide

Introduction If you are new to cigars, you may be a bit confused every time you go to your local tobacco shop. There are different numbers of brands to choose from, which can confuse the buyer; also, the size of one brand’s Churchill will be different from other brands Churchill. It can be a lot … Read more

What is a stogie?

Introduction There is a lot of history behind the cigar industry and how it began, the process and time it took it to evolve from leaves rolled up together, to what it is today. If you are familiar with the cigar terms, then at one point you must have heard of a stogie. You don’t … Read more

Cigar Wrappers Guide

Introduction The first thing smokers notice in a cigar is its band and the wrapper. They notice the color and shine of the wrapper. The way wrappers look, the texture, and shape will entice people to purchase the cigar; it provides the manufacturer with an essential marketing platform. Cigars come in different colors with terms … Read more

What is a premium cigar?

Introduction The best way to differentiate most cigars is by the distinct taste, although premium cigars vary a lot in terms of features. Some of the taste which can be found in premium cigars include a little sweet taste with cedar, leather, wood, herbs, spices, chocolate and in some cases, ground coffee. But, the kind … Read more

Cigar Tips For Beginners

Introduction Most of the time, experience is usually the best teacher, and when it comes to cigar smoking, it’s no different. Learning about cigars is an intricate hobby to take on; it may seem overwhelming to properly study and understand the ins and outs of smoking a cigar. There are steps to take before and … Read more

Cigar Sizes And Shapes

Introduction When it concerns cigars, there are a lot of factors to consider including the brand, colour, shape and size. Cigar experts know the differences in cigar shapes and sizes, so they know what type of cigar they enjoy smoking. But if you’re new to smoking cigars and you have been stuck on one type … Read more

What is a Cuban Cigar?

Introduction A cigar can be described as fermented tobacco which has been dried and can be smoked, and they are available in different shapes, flavours and sizes. But, a Cuban cigar stands out, and that is because of its unique difference. Cuban cigars are made from the very best tobaccos that are grown locally, and … Read more

Cigar Plume and Cigar Mold Guide

INTRODUCTION Cigar plume, also known as cigar bloom is a sign that the cigar is ageing properly and that the oils from the tobacco are starting to crystalise. The tobacco oils begin to evolve from inside and then crystallises at the surface. Most cigar enthusiasts believe that cigar plume is a natural process that occurs … Read more

Cigar Pairing With Liquor

Introduction Coming home after the stress of the day to relax with a cigar and a nice drink is one of the many pleasures smokers enjoy. Sometimes, it may be hard to figure out what drink you can pair your cigar with; you need to pair your cigar with a drink that matches the flavor … Read more