How to Ash a Cigar


Caring While smoking a cigar, you don’t have to always tap on the ash like you would when smoking a cigarette. Unlike a cigarette, a cigar made by oneself is made of long-filler tobacco, making it hold sturdier longer ash compared to a cigarette. But for a long term smoker, you don’t know how to ash causing you from preventing breaking of the ember and relighting your cigar repeatedly. But knowing how to ash a cigar keeps your cigar well- lit and prevents you from getting ashes everywhere. If your cigar is getting dry even while in the humidor, then you should try adjusting the humidity of your humidor check out (How To Adjust The Humidity Of Your Humidor?)

Exercising Patience

A cigars ash is so much different than cigarette ash which tends to drop and ends up in your lap if you don’t regularly ash the end of it. But for a cigar, if you mess up the ash too much, you will end up breaking the cheery. For this, you will need to exercise patience. Instead of regularly flicking the ash, wait until you notice a crack has started developing.

It would help if you also used a cigar ashtray. These are designed to take in a higher volume of ashes and contain rests that are designed to support the width of a cigar. Please note you can’t use an ashtray designed for a cigarette since the rests are thin and cannot hold a cigar.

Shaping Ashes

When smoking a cigar, it takes a long time to ash, try putting the cigar against the side of astray then tap on the tip of the cigar gently. If done correctly, and on time, the cigar’s weight will allow the ash to fall off easily, or you could press gently on the edge of the cigar, putting it against the side of the ashtray, then rotate the cigar at the same time. Make sure you don’t use too much force. Any of the techniques mentioned above can be used to avoid any problems.

Ash Quality

In terms of color, the ash can be white or light grey to reflect the large deposits of the calcium content in the soil that the crop of tobacco was grown in. Dark ash is not desirable, mostly dark grey or black ash because it can tell you that there are fewer minerals in the soil, which produces a more acidic, less enjoyable partially burnt scent and flavor. The only exception is Cuban soil which usually contains a higher level of magnesium in which dark ash is needed.

The Importance of Properly Ashing

Overlooking on the proper way to ash might end up being a big mistake since ash can end up everywhere. Ashing the wrong way can be humiliating and can show your fellow smokers that you’re new to cigar life and possibly affect your smoking experience and taste of a cigar if proper cigar etiquette isn’t used.

Recommended Products

The size of the ashtray needed depends on the ring gauge of the cigars you commonly smoke since it has rest that you can use to lay your cigar down on and avoid the cigar itself from being covered in ash. I recommend Cobalt titanium cigar ashtray. It is a perfect ashtray for anybody who likes going away for the weekend. Compact and portable, it can be easily carried around with you and can hold one cigar for an enjoyable smoking session for one. Made from titanium, so it’s incredibly durable.


Knowing how to ash a cigar the right way can go a long way in enhancing your smoking experience. As it can prevent the well-lit cigar from becoming too hot and falling out. As mentioned a proper etiquette on how to ash is needed to avoid issues

The best method to ash a cigar is to carefully roll the cigar in the ashtray, which allows the length and shape of the ash often depend on the type of cigar you smoke. If you’re not sure, ask another cigar enthusiast or speak to staff at your local cigar lounge on tips on how to ash and the amount of ash to leave on end at all times, for the best smoking experience possible. If you are looking for how to keep your cigars fresh, you can check out (How To Keep Cigars Fresh?)