How to rehydrate cigars?


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If you are a cigar lover, you will know that one of the worst things you could experience is a dried out cigar. A dried-out cigar can be very difficult to smoke and light, while the smell will be bad, and it will also have a terrible taste. Fortunately, there are ways you can rehydrate a dry cigar hat. In this article, we would be showing you the necessary steps needed to carry out the rehydration process. Below is the list of materials that will be needed to carry out this process successfully.

Materials needed

There are about four methods that can be used to carry out the rehydration process. Below are the needed materials for each method.

First method

Cigar box

Damp towel

Second method

Damp sponge

Two different sizes of Ziploc bags

Third method


Standard size cigar box

Fourth method

Distilled water

Humidification bag

A walk through the process of rehydrating cigars

When it comes to rehydrating your dried out cigar, you should know that there are different methods available for you. The method you will decide to use depends on two things: the materials available and which method best suits your preference.

Place your cigar in a humid room

Get a good environment

It is a known fact that rehydrating your cigar can be quite easy, which is one of the easiest ways. Using the natural atmospheric moisture of a specific environment is one of the easiest ways. Greenhouses and cellars, which are usually damp or humid naturally, can carry out this process. These places are chosen for one particular reason, and that is because it helps expose your dried out cigar to a consistent level of humidity. However, you will need to consider some factors before selecting the environment. Some of the conditions you will need to consider include; make sure the room temperature is a little bit above the intended temperature and avoiding places with direct sunlight or somewhere with direct contact or near a heat source.

Put the cigars down

Before seeing the cigars down, make sure the selected area has no direct sunlight access, and then you can place the cigar into your standard cigar box. Once the cigars are inside the box, they are properly arranged, evenly spaced, and distributed properly. When you set the box down, you will need to open the lid. Opening the lid allows moisture to penetrate the cigars, because leaving the lid open enables the needed moisture to get access to the cigar to help rehydrate them easily.

For cigars that are partially dried, it will be best to create a small opening on the box to allow little moisture to get help to rehydrate your cigar. While for cigars that are dried out, it is best you leave the box compleely open to allow adequate moisture needed to rehydrate your cigar. Sometimes, the moisture in the room might not be enough to help rehydrate your cigar, but not to worry, there is a solution. All you will need to do in this kind of situation is to get a warm, damp towel and place it beneath the stored cigar box as this will provide the extra moisture needed to help rehydrate your cigar. Changing the warm, damp towel regularly is very important in this process.

Wait for the rehydration process to be complete in the cigar

The two previous steps are important to your cigar rehydration process, and once it is completed, make sure you give it some time to rehydrate. The time needed for the rehydration process to be complete is mainly determined by how dry your cigar is, and it usually takes between a minimum of two weeks to two months maximum. When you leave your cigar to complete the rehydration process, make sure it is safe where it can not be shifted or has any direct contact with sunlight, get wet, or anywhere with different temperature sources.

Second method

Get your Ziploc Bag ready

In this process, you will need to select the two smallest Ziploc bags available and poke different tiny holes by the sides. You must make sure the holes are just the right size and not too big. When that is done, you will need to place the cigar box with holes in a bag and seal it.

Get your sponge ready

All you need here is a sponge that is wet already and drain all the water out of the sponge. The sponge you use must be new and clean. Once you have done this, you will need to place the sponge already damped inside the other Ziploc bag you had selected earlier. It would help if you remembered that the sponge needed to be re-wet every couple of days for as long as it takes to complete the rehydration process.

Make sure the bag is sealed

This is the final process required in the second method; it involves placing the smaller Ziploc bag, which has been properly ventilated, into the larger Ziploc bag with the damp sponge inside. Once you make sure the cigar and the sponge don’t have any form of contact, then it is time to seal the bag properly.

Third method

This method involves making use of your shower.

Place the cigars properly

This is the first process under the third method, and it involves placing the cigar, which is dried out, into a cigar box, and go to the bathroom, which you use regularly and place the cigar box inside a cabinet or drawer in the bathroom. There is also the possibility of placing the cigar out in the open if you notice that they are too dry, but there is a risk of excess exposure to humidity daily.

Make sure the cigar box is ready before your shower daily

All that is required in this method is to make sure the cigar box’s lid is opened before you get into the shower daily.

Turn the cigars around regularly

To make sure the cigars are properly rehydrated, always remember to turn the cigars over to make sure every part is properly rehydrated.

Pay attention to get cigars

Using this method is fine, but it comes with his negative part, as it can be easily rehydrated. You should monitor the cigars regularly to avoid excess hydration of your cigar.

Fourth method

This is the final method of the rehydration process, and it involves using a humidification bag. With the humidification bag, you are guaranteed a constant humidification process with the scientific results to back it up.


Rehydrating your cigar is not a difficult task, so you should find the task quite easy. In this article, we have helped you break down the necessary procedures for the rehydration process’s four methods.