7 Best Butane Fuel For Lighters in 2021




The butane fuel is a commonly accepted material that is flammable, has no color, no taste, and generally used for stoves and most importantly, for lighters.

Windproof lighters use quality butane fuel for quality and steady lightning. The butane fuel is said to be conventional as both industries and households usually make use of butane fuel. This post will examine, analyze, and talk about the different types of butane fuel. According to its use and suitability. To enjoy a portable stove or a lasting lighter, you need just the right equipment and butane fuel has proved to be the best option. A lot of people wonder what type of butane fuel exactly to employ for their lighters. Of course, you want just the perfect lighter that serves a purposeful use.

Not to worry, just below are the different types of butane fuel with needed details that would help choose just the right type for your lighter. Afterwards, this article will talk about how to select the right type of butane fuel. And then there will be a run-through of how butane fuel functions. And answers will be provided to some frequently asked questions about butane fuel for lighters. So, take your time as you carefully go through this article to discover the different types of butane fuel needed for your lighter.

The best seven butane fuel lighter are reviewed below



This type of butane fuel is of supreme quality. It is one of the purest butane fuels and of natural source allowing it to be trusted. It’s from the special gas territory around the North sea. Before production, the fuel is refined. So, you can rest assured that your lighter will not clog. But instead gives you one of the neatest burns. This butane fuel is also very perfect for large-size lighters, it has a 420ml per canister build. Overall, this fuel is very useful for standard and safe lightning.

Key Features:

  • Pure fuel content
  • Clean burn
  • Fewer particles


  • BRAND- Whip-it
  • Model- Whip-it Butane Fuel
  • It’s of supreme quality
  • Highly flammable
  • doesn’t block the valves
  • Slow delivery at times



This type of butane fuel is a quality type and is one of the best. So while searching which butane fuel to buy for your lighter, zippo butane fuel should be a focus. It works perfectly well with lighters for cigars, neck lighters, outdoor lights, and even lighters for candles. When you use your lighter you can rest assured because of the right quality butane fuel inside. This type has been made for a long time and it’s just a natural type. So just when your lighter is out of fuel and you need to refill, why don’t you make use of Zippo butane fuel and have a wonderful use.

Key Features:

  • High quality
  • does not clog burners.
  • suitable for refills


  • Brand – Zippo
  • Model – Zippo Butane Fuel
  • suitable for different types of lighters
  • allows the burner to last longer
  • refills for candles and curly iron
  • Affects the lung if inhaled
  • Cause damage to the lungs if swallowed



It is true that not all fuel fits and works for all lighters. But neon does. This type of butane fuel allows almost all types of lighter to function as the fuel blends in perfectly. It’s a well-refined fuel. Not only is it refined, but it’s also filtered. This filtration has been done to equal five times More than the ordinary butane fuel. The smell is okay to work with because it is no strong smell. This quality makes it to be one of the best butane fuel products. And when it comes to price, it is friendly. So, when you need a quality butane fuel and you cannot spend much, the neon butane fuel is a good option.

Key Features:

  • Versatile
  • well refined
  • perfect filtration


  • BRAND – Neon
  • Model – Neon Butane Fuel
  • It is affordable
  • easy to work with
  • No strong smell
  • It is market-scarce



When speaking of the neatest butane fuel, Colibri butane fuel stands out. Some cigars do not bring out their original flavor due to the fuel of the lighter used. In the case of Colibri, it is different. Because it is clean with no particular odor, it allows for cigars to bring out their original flavor for you to enjoy. It doesn’t dry up easily. It is long-lasting and reduces the need to refill. It has been designed to keep the valves of the burner of the lighter from getting clogged. This type of butane fuel is pure and is of high quality. It gives a nice burn that allows the light to be in a good shape and last longer.

Key Features:

  • No impurities
  • High quality
  • Friendly to the burner
  • Lasts long


  • BRAND – Colibri
  • Model – Colibri Butane Fuel
  • it doesn’t dry up easily
  • reduces the need to refill occasionally
  • makes the lighter last longer
  • Gram and measurement issues



Lucienne butane fuel is manufactured in a well-equipped surrounding. Just like the Colibri is pure, so also is Lucienne pure and free of particles. It’s easy to purchase because of the friendly price. It’s of natural source. For people who know about cigars, Lucienne is popular among them. Lucienne is so neat and has no specific odor which makes it to be the best choice for cigars. It won’t affect the flavor of the cigars rather it’ll leave the cigar to be of its original flavor. Lucienne is just one of the best you should try.

Key Features:

  • Very pure
  • Natural source
  • Affordable


  • Brand – Lucienne
  • Model – Lucienne Butane Fuel
  • No clear odor
  • Best for cigars
  • Might not be ideal for a newcomer



Blazer butane fuel is an all-rand multifaceted butane fuel. Either for cigarettes or other use, this type of butane fuel is suitable. It’s the triple process of the refinery, giving it a pure feature. This makes it possible to have a clog-free burner. What’s more? It’s from a natural source and doesn’t block the burner’s valves. Many times, lighter users have the problem of blocked lighter pores. It is not all the time that dirt and particles are the cause of this sort of blockage, the butane fuel can also be the cause. So, this butane fuel solves the problem of blockage of pores.

Key Features:

  • Natural source
  • Versatile
  • Blue flame


  • BRAND – Blazer
  • Model – Blazer Butane Fuel
  • Affordable
  • Keeps the burner valves from clogging
  • Safe to use
  • Market-scarce



When we talk about one of the best clean burns, Xikar butane fuel also stands out. To refill your lighter, make use of Xikar butane fuel. It’s from a perfect natural source. And it makes it easy for you to have a lasting lighter. You do not have to worry about frequently refilling your lighter. This butane fuel lasts quite long. Of course, it is due to its purity. This is one butane fuel you can trust for its longevity and quality.

Key Features:

  • Pure source
  • Suitable for all Xikar lighters


  • BRAND – Xikar
  • Model – Xikar Purofine Butane Fuel
  • Doesn’t clog lighters
  • Safe to use
  • Market-scarce
  • Poor container build

Buying Guide Questions

This buying guide section will provide answers to some frequently asked questions about the best butane fuel for lighters. And then information about butane fuel will be considered. Take time to read through.

What is the cleanest butane?

With numerous quality butane fuel, It seems all has been made to suit lighters perfectly. But among all good things, there’s always one that supersedes. The cleanest butane fuel is known to be Colibri butane fuel. The Colibri butane fuel has been in existence for about 3 decades and a half. Produced in one of the best surroundings with adequate and quality tools and equipment. Not only is it made in one of the best refineries, world-class but also packaged in the neatest place making the fuel to be the cleanest with no need to filter again. Unlike other fuels, butane fuel is free of particles and indeed pure. Making your lighter to be of quality and good use. Letting you savor the flavor of your cigar with no strange taste. The highly recommended Colibri butane fuel is about 99.99 percent clean and is suitable for any refillable lighters it has been designed to reduce any particles that might clog the lighter’s burner.

Colibri butane fuel is so clean that it’ll not affect the flavor nor the taste of the cigar. It’s the recommended type for almost all butane lighters. It hardly causes malfunctions and misfires and indeed safe to use. With its 99% purity it can be trusted to make lighters enjoyable and last long.

Is lighter fuel the same as butane?

A lot of people wonder and then ask if lighter fuel is the same as butane. Well of course they are both fuels. fuels are they, the same? No is the answer. Why? Well, research shows that, when we speak of lighter fuel, it doesn’t mean butane fuel. As lighter fuel can have 3 types of fuel namely; Naptha, butane, or charcoal lighter fuel.

The Naphtha’s fluid flammability is volatile. This type of fuel is a hydrocarbon mixture that’s used in wick burners and butane fuel’s flammability is high, has no color, and is indeed versatile as it can be used in almost all types of lighter with the assurance that it won’t affect the lighter’s burner.

The charcoal fluid I type of petroleum solvent that’s aliphatic and used in lighting charcoals of a griller.

How do you refuel a butane lighter?

Imagine hearing that click sound repeatedly while trying colors on the lighter. Oh! Did you just run out of fuel? Oh! Seems like It’s time to refill. A great reason why a refillable lighter is a good choice. How to know when to refuel a butane lighter?

Of course, you can a can of quality butane fuel handy if not, you should buy one. It’s a great choice as it’s refinement is of a high grade. Make sure to use a butane fuel or perhaps an equally high-quality fuel whose purity is trustworthy. Just about any fuel can contain some impurities which may block the lighter’s valves or burners.

Then, purge your lighter. Purging the lighter is a high-quality technique. You use your lighter, fuel reduces and air occupies more space. Air doesn’t accommodate fuel. Therefore, if you do not purge your lighter, the fuel will be unable to go inside the lighter. And trying to refuel it without purging will amount to a waste of fuel.

How then do you purge the lighter? Simply make use of a thin screwdriver or an object that has such a thin shape. Using the tip of the screwdriver place it on the valve and apply pressure. Hold the position for about 10 seconds. Hissing sounds will be made. It shows that the air is getting released from the lighter tank. Once the air is released, adjust the flame wheel to the lowest. This enables an efficient refill and disallows air from occupying any space.

Now it’s time to use the fuel can. As you turn the can of fuel upside down, your lighter should also be in the same position, upside down. Then insert the nozzle into the lighter’s valve and hold the position for about 7 – 10 seconds. As you do this, the lighter will get cold. If your lighter happens to have a window, then you can monitor how the fuel fills your lighter. Your lighter will never be filled to the brim because of a little amount of air. There’s usually a little space that the fuel will not reach. You might wonder why you need to turn the fuel can upside down. Well, that’s because, inside the fuel container or can, two substances are present: propellant and butane. Because propellant is usually lighter compared to butane, it stays at the top of the can near the nozzle. So turning the can changes the position of the two substances. The butane moves to the nozzle and the propellant occupies the butane’s former position.

To fasten the refueling, freeze the lighter for like 10 minutes after you’ve purged it. Giving the lighter a cool temperature allows fuel to get in speedily without any delay. The lighter comes on immediately. Wait for about 5 minutes before using it. This is to allow the fuel on the outer part of the lighter to leave and give the lighter the temperature of s room.

What can I use instead of butane?

What if butane fuel isn’t within your reach and you need a substitute. The object can you use instead? Liquefied petroleum gas is used to refer to the family of hydrocarbons gas or light fuel. And this includes propane and butane. These two types are used not only for household purposes but also for industrial purposes. And they have some things in common, the more reason people often find it hard to tell which is which. But, they do have some qualities that differentiate them.

Just as butane, propane is gotten from petroleum in oil form or gas form. During the process, when it’s broken down, it brings out carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, soot, and yes water. It also works for vehicles and stoves just like butane.

But of course, they do have differences. Compared to butane, propane’s boiling is low. Which makes it to keep converting to gas from liquid form even during cold times. Also when it’s liquid and stored in a tank, it’ll exert great pressure than butane. As a Liquefied petroleum gas, propane is the perfect choice for outdoor use. It’s designed with the ability to function in low temperatures making it the right type for various use.

So in a case where butane is absent propane is a perfect substitute. It’s versatile. It can be used both for domestic purpose and commercial purposes. Most industries also employ propane in absence of butane. As it can be stored for a long period.

For camping, mountain climbing, or any other outdoor recreations propane is also suitable especially if it’s in the cold season. It can be used to fuel up cookers.

So just when you are unable to get butane fuel to remember that propane is a good substitute that’s also versatile. Ready to use and indeed efficient just like butane fuel.

How do I know if my butane lighter is full?

While refueling your lighter, it’s easy to find out if the lighter is full. How do you know? Once the lighter is full, the butane will stop going into the lighter and will begin to leak from the stem. Some lighters come with a gauge or a fuel window. Through this, you’ll be able to tell if the lighter is full. By simply monitoring it through the fuel window, you’ll be able to see how much fuel gets in and when it’s full. You won’t be able to fill it to the brim. So you’ll notice a little amount of air in the tank and where the fuel stops. Just when your lighter is full, the window fuel tells. All you need to do is monitor the fuel as you refill.

What is 5x butane?

The 5x butane is the process of refinement showing the high quality and purity of the gas. It’s one of the best types of butane gas used as s substitute and specially used instead of some low-quality gas. To avoid the use of some gas that clogs lighter’s valves or burners, the 5x butane is of high quality and has undergone real filtration which makes it to be versatile, fitting in into almost all lighters without any cons. Its level of refinement can be trusted. With no need to worry about lighters’ valves getting blocked.

is Ronson butane good?

Although Ronson butane isn’t as neat as other butane fuel. It has some impurities which may actually clog the burner as time goes on because it’s not filtered like other butane fuel which is of really high quality. When Ronson butane is compared with other butane like Colibri or Xikar, it loses face and stands no chance. Though for non-high-quality lighters, Ronson works. But will not function well in real-time high-quality lighters.

Does quality of butane matter?

The quality of butane does matters when we think of its efficiency. Of course, using a low quality for a high-quality lighter will be like a gradual ending of the lighter or torch. When it comes to how it burns, high-quality butane burns perfectly bringing out the right flame. And low-quality butane does the opposite. Most high-quality butane has that versatility function, able to work with almost any type, real-time. Of course, you shouldn’t expect s low-quality butane to have such great function. Low-quality butane might also contain some impurities or unfiltered particles which can pose a clogging problem for the lighter. This shortens the span of the lighter. So, of course, the quality of butane does matter. Just as high-quality butane will give its maximum function with little or no cons, the low quality will do the opposite. The functions of low-quality butane will definitely be limited and hardly perform efficiently.

So when it’s time to choose your butane, search carefully as you scrutinize and choose the right type of butane that works maximally.


In this content, everything about the best butane fuel for lighters has been considered. You’ve been able to know a lot of things about various types of butane fuel, their functions, and suitability. To enjoy using your lighters, you need to use quality butane fuel as listed above, butane maximum quality as considered in this post. Choosing just about any butane fuel could cause havoc to lighters shortening the span of lighters. Among the best butane fuel in 2020 listed above, carefully go through and scrutinize to choose just the perfect one suitable for your lighter(s). Without worrying about the occasional changing of lighters. Because they are safe to use without causing any harm or clogging your lighters.

Be it for industrial, household use, or personal use, you sure need a lighter. But what do you do when your lighter is out of gas? Sounds like the time to refill. A good reason you need to have a refillable lighter and a can of butane fuel handy. All you need to do is to refuel. With just a quality butane fuel you’re good to go.