What Is The Rarest Cigar?


When it comes to cigars, there are multiple combinations of strengths, lengths, wrapper and gauges; this makes it easy to find a cigar that suits your preference. However, there are some cigars that are difficult to find; they are so rare that even cigar veteran collectors might die without ever seeing one, let alone smoke one of these cigars.

A lot of these cigars are hidden in private collections or are sitting in a millionaires room collecting dust, but we will never be sure. We bring to you some of the worlds rarest cigars.

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown BBMF

Carlos ‘Carlito’ Fuente Sr made this cigar. It had an odd shape, and it was stronger than the Fuente OpusX. It has a bulge at the foot which makes it look like a basic Salomon, but at its head, it has a mop-top cap that is quite unusual. Fuente refers to the mop-top cap as a ‘Cuban Tickler’. The BBMF means Big, Bad Mother…. and I’m sure you can guess the rest.

Fuente was also responsible for creating the Ashton VSG line produced in the Dominican Republic. It was said that he rolled some VSGs into the shape of the BBMF for a charity dinner and it is said that it was the first and last time anybody ever saw them.

Cohiba Behike

The Cohiba brand is known for its exceptional quality, it is known as one of Cuba’s finest exports, and the finest edition is the Behike. One of Cohiba’s most exclusive line is the Behike, and it is a representation of the highest grade of cigar that is produced in modern-day Cuba.

This cigar was released on Cohiba’s 40th anniversary in 2006 to celebrate. Eleven years ago, these humidors were very expensive, and only a few people were able to buy them, and fewer people decided on breaking the box. Be careful not to buy loose sticks on the internet because it is most likely a fake. Except you saw it being lifted out of the humidor, the authenticity cannot be assured.

Fuente Don Carlos (Box-Pressed Belicosos)

The late Carlos Fuente Sr. liked to experiment with cigars, he made a box-pressed Belicosos for just himself, but sometimes he gave some away. However, these cigars were not released commercially. The difference in them was the blend that was used was a bit altered to suit the taste of Fuente Sr. and in order for the box to house the unusual size, the box was only pressed halfway.

These cigars have the ability to keep the ash intact even after smoking past the three-quarter mark. They were difficult to get when Sr. was alive, and now that he is dead, they may never produce them again.

La Aurora Puro Vintage

This cigar is rare because it is released yearly. The tobacco used in this cigar is the tobacco grown for that year. Because of how rare this tobacco is, it is made in only one size, which is the Salomon. This cigar is so limited that it produces only 1,000 boxes that have eight cigars in them.

Jack And Charlie’s “21” Selection

In New York, a restaurant named the “21” Club, owned their Cuban cigars that were private-labelled way before the Embargo was placed on Cuba. They had the cigars in the restaurant’s humidor, and they imported the cigar into America using a company named Faber, Coe & Gregg. They also imported some special edition cigars that include Jack and Charlies “21” Exclusive Havana Seleccion.

Not only did the “21” Club have its own in house brand, many established brands such as Ramon Allones And Por Larranaga also produced special cigars for the “21” club. The restaurant is still around, but they no longer produce the cigars.

King Of Denmark

This cigar is usually only made according to order. The company that produces this cigar only makes about 30 of these cigars a day. They are wrapped with gold foil that has the client’s name on it. The recipe is gotten from a 200-year-old original aristocrat formula that was used when the Danish West Indies were still a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Then the King’s ships usually brought tobacco from the Caribbean for the royals.

Dinner Of The Century Cohibas

Marvin R. Shanken who launched cigar Aficionado magazine in 1995 had an exclusive dinner in Paris that he named the Dinner of the Century. There were a lot of great Cuban cigars that were passed around that night, but the most exclusive cigars were the ones made just for that dinner, they were the Cohiba Piramides and the huge Cohiba “A” which was over 9 inches in length. Other Cohiba Piramides were made and released to the public, but they were not made with the same exclusive blend. At the dinner in 1995, six boxes of the special blend of cigars were auctioned off, so somewhere in the world, there will be some left.

Davidoff Millennium Blend Lonsdale

The name Davidoff is known for its history of delivering exceptional quality. This edition of the Davidoff (The Millennium Blend) has a strong tasting cigar that gives the smoker a variety of palate-pleasing sensations that include roasted nut, espresso and cedar.

Dunhill Flor Del Punto

Apart from the properly branded Dunhill cigars, there were other lines of the Dunhill Seleccion cigars that were produced exclusively for the retailer, and this included the Flor Del Punto. It had the basic white rose band just like the other Dunhill Seleccion Cigars. Finding this cigar is more difficult than getting a Don Alfredo or Don Candidios from the Dunhill.

Arturo Fuente Opus X ‘A’

This cigar is part of a collection that is the rarest in the world. It is 9.2 inches in length while it has a ring size of 43 inches. You will find this cigar being sold as a single stick in selected cigar shops all around the world. They are made from some of the best ingredients, craftmanship and growing practices known to men.


Smoking cigars has been a form of art around the world, going as far back as the 1900s. Some cigars were made specifically for some events or for royals, and they have now become collectables today. For some people finding and storing these rare cigars have become a hobby. If you are new to cigars, you could try different types of cigars before venturing into being a collector.

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