Do Cigars Affect Your Sleep?


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Smoking is regarded as a form of relaxation for some, while others see it as a hobby or something to do when you want to have fun. But, as much as you love smoking, you need to know your limit. Excess smoking in a day can hurt your energy levels, stamina and sometimes, it can cause fatigue. All this happen during the day mainly, now the question is, does it also happen at night?. You are wondering if cigars can affect your sleep and if your quality of sleep will be reduced from excess smoking in a day. According to the data available, it was noticed that smoking could cause insomnia, sleep fragmentation, snoring and sometimes sleep apnea. But the question is, how?. During this article, we will be breaking down the different effects smoking could have on your sleep quality and how it occurs.

How does Nicotine cause sleeping issues?

By now, you should be aware that smoking has its downside, which could directly negatively affect your sleep. The negative effect which affects your sleep is mainly caused by the presence of Nicotine which is an ever-present substance in most products that are made from tobacco. How many cigars you consume in a day, when you consumed it and how often t occurs will determine the impact the nicotine present in them will have on your sleep at night. It is a known fact that Nicotine can act as a stimulant, so when you smoke some few minutes or hours before going to bed, it could affect your sleep making it difficult to stay asleep, get enough sleep or in some instances, it makes it difficult to fall asleep.

As much as smoking has its negative effects, there are also some instances where people have reported that smoking helps them fall asleep. For people like that, it is believed that smoking helps them relax and helps a lot with their anxieties. As we all know, the body system of each individual reacts differently to different substances. So, the substances present in your cigar or cigarette tend to mainly act as a stimulant for some, which is the reason why they might find it difficult to fall asleep.

Side effects

Smoking can affect your sleeping pattern, which is the stages of sleep you experience during the night, and it most times, it can come in fragments, which in turn will lead to insomnia. A study was carried out excessive smokers concerning how it affects their sleep, and it was discovered that they hardly fall asleep easily, have short periods of sleep, and are hardly capable of deep-sleep. The issue of trying to fall asleep or stay asleep is common among excessive smokers. Once you stop smoking, then you won’t experience any of the issues as mentioned earlier, while non-smokers tend to have a better quality of sleep free from any sleeping disorder.

Sleep Apnea

Presently, there is adequate evidence to support the fact that smoking can cause both snoring and sleep apnea. The soft tissues present in the lining of the nose and throat can swell due to the irritants that are present in the cigar smoke. When the lung is damaged, it will affect your oxygen level at night, and that will make sleeping and breathing at night difficult. Damages caused to your lungs can also lead to other issues which could affect your body system negatively.

Sleeping better

By now, it should be obvious that smoking can interfere with your sleep, and this will come as a surprise to those who have used smoking as a form of relaxation that helps them relax and sleep. Usually, most people see smoking as a way to relax after a stressful day, but unknown to them, and they are doing their body system a little bit of damage when it comes to sleeping. The Nicotine that is present in their cigar or cigarette can affect their sleep, and can lead to insomnia or low quality of sleep and could also affect their breathing at night. Lung cancer and heart disease are some of the common side effects of smoking that are known to man, but what people don’t know is that if you smoke some few minutes or hours before going to bed, it will harm the quality of your sleep.

You should be aware by now that Nicotine acts as a stimulant in the body. So, when you think you are smoking before bed to help you relax, the chemical substance present in Nicotine is doing the opposite in your body system. Your heart rate and metal awareness will be increased when Nicotine is present in your body, and this will make it difficult to fall asleep when you need to sleep. Also, Nicotine as been found to be addictive and fast-acting meaning, it takes a few seconds to get to your bloodstream and then the brain, while it will take hours to be completely removed from your bloodstream. For those who have become addicted to Nicotine, you will notice some withdrawal symptoms from them during sleep. Sometimes you will need to wake up during sleep to get more Nicotine, that is how bad the withdrawal symptom can get and when that happens, it tends to disrupt your sleep.

Deep sleep

If you have been following this article, you will know that smoking could harm your deep sleep state. You sleep broken down into three structures that include: light, deep and REM and an adequate amount of time are to be spent in each state to enjoy your sleep successfully. According to a research carried out on the effect of smoking on the sleeping structure, it was noticed that for every single cigar smoked, there is a deduction of a minute in each stage involved in the sleeping process.

Some other ways in which cigar can affect your sleep include insomnia, and for those thinking of vaping as a solution to the sleepless nights caused by cigars, the answer is NO. you will still have the same issues.


In this article, we have broken down how cigars could affect your sleep. With the information we have provided here, you should be able to adequately control your cigar consumption in a way that it won’t have a drastic effect on your sleep.