How to keep cigars fresh?


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Caring for your cigar should be something anyone who loves smoking should take seriously because it helps you save money specifically for people who love to buy their cigars in bulk. Most experts know how to store their cigars, so this article will be helpful to mainly random smokers and cigar lovers who need to gain more knowledge. While reading this article, you will see ways in which you can keep your cigars fresh and prevent them from damaging. It is known that the average storage temperature for a cigar is 70% humidity at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. At different temperature, the air is known to hold an additional amount of moisture that is different from the previous one.

Warm air holds a large amount of moisture, meaning if you store your cigar in a warm place, you will have to add water continuously, and that will lead to spongy cigars which nobody likes. In contrast, cold air holds not moisture, and at 70% humidity, the air will be very dry. Below are a few ways you can store your cigar and keep them fresh.

  1. Humidity and Temperature

Maintaining the right amount of humidity and temperature is very important, that is why cigars are enjoyed better in the country where they are made. A temperature and relative humidity of 68 degrees and 70% respectively is the best condition to smoke a cigar according to the blanket rule of thumb. Since humidity and temperature can’t be constant, you should vary your humidity with your temperature. For people who spend a lot on their cigar collections, you should study the weather condition of the country it was made because it will help you understand what the best humidity and temperature to store your cigar is. It is also good to note that, cigars which have thicker wrappers and more oil do not require a high level of humidity.

  1. Make use of a humidor

A humidor is necessary for storing your cigars so that they remain fresh, and it is the easiest and most straightforward way to store a cigar at home. A humidor is a box that creates the exact climate condition in which the cigars were made and can easily be adjusted to suit any cigar. It also helps to add the necessary moisture to keep your cigar fresh, and it can also remove excess moisture when needed. If you have an ageing cigar, a humidor can help you keep it fresh. Recently, new cigars require you to put them inside a humidor before it can be smoked. Below is the process to store a cigar in a humidor

Distilled is best used inside a humidor because mould and mineral build-up can be found in tap water.

Always check the moisture level weekly inside the humidor

Always check for any sign of mould in the cigar.

It would be best if you used the humidor for storing only one brand of cigar, because of the marrying cigars process where oils melt and blend when in the humidor.

Stacking cigars tightly on each other in the humidor will restrict airflow, so you should arrange them separately to allow airflow.

To make sure the humidity is evenly distributed inside your cigar in the humidor, you should rotate it every six months.

Have the right size of the humidor that can fit your cigars perfectly so that you don’t overstuff the humidor.

  1. Get a hygrometer

A hygrometer is a vital tool that will help you easily store your cigar and keep them fresh, and it is very affordable. A hygrometer helps you know the humidity level of your environment, and it comes in both analogue and digital versions. If you are new to cigar collection, then you can quickly get an analogue hygrometer for few dollars to help monitor the humidity level around where your cigars are stored. If you want to avoid bi-yearly recalibrating and enjoy more accuracy, then the digital hygrometer is the best choice. However, digital hygrometer is more expensive.


Cigar lovers always want to have a cigar collection that they can show off to the world, but keeping it fresh might be a big problem. In this article, we have found a few ways to relieve the stress of thinking about the freshness of cigars by those who have them in large quantities. We hope you find the ways we have mentioned above to help store your cigars and keep them fresh helpful.