Are there any great places to enjoy a cigar on vacation in Maui?


Everyone wants to go on a vacation at some point in time, and cigar lovers are not left out. When deciding the perfect vacation spot for you and your family or just you, there are a lot of factors you take into consideration. Some of the factors taking into consideration while going on a vacation for the average person include cost, weather, tourist centers, etc. But for cigar lovers, who can’t travel without their cigar collection or might be thinking of trying the different cigar flavors available in the country they intend to have their vacation, the criteria are slightly different. One important criteria considered by cigar lovers is where they can smoke their cigars. If you are going on a journey and looking for how to store you cigars, you should check out How To Store Cigars?

In this article, we would be looking at the great places to smoke a cigar in Maui. Maui is not common for people to visit, but it is a great place for a vacation.

If you mention “the valley isle,” the first name that comes to mind is Maui because it is popularly called. In the list of islands in the Hawaiian region, Maui is regarded as the second largest. Just like any top-notch vacation center, Maui has a lot of beautiful and fun-filled places to visit. Some of these places include its beaches known for farm-to-table cuisine, the sacred Iao Valley, accompanied by a magnificent sunrise and sunset. Due to these amazing features, it has remained the best island In the U.S by votes. But for cigar lovers, all these amazing features are missing one thing: outdoor smoking centers. Someone who enjoys smoking will always want to have a cigar or two every day and feel comfortable doing it freely in different locations. If you are visiting a new place for the first time, you should know their smoking laws and regulations, including Maui. There are strict rules and regulations regarding smoking in Maui, and you must know them to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. There is a law in Maui that prohibits the smoking of cigars or any form of tobacco in parks, recreational centers, or anything under the county of Maui jurisdiction. All this came into existence because an amendment was made into the Maui County Code Section 13.04.020, and it also covers all forms of tobacco-related products. Due to the strict laws against tobacco and any form of smoking, it is really difficult to find the perfect place to enjoy your cigars, and that has limited our options to a few. If you still want to enjoy your cigars in Maui, you have to find places that are not under the control of Maui’s county. Those places include nightclubs, bars, or even your hotel room can also serve as the perfect spot to enjoy your cigar without breaking the county’s rules and regulations regarding smoking. In the case of smoking in your hotel, you need to make sure the hotel you have decided to stay in allows smoking or has a designated area for smoking.


In this article, we have tried to provide you with great information about Maui and the great places you could enjoy your cigars. Although the country has strict smoking rules, they are still designated places which you could smoke. You should find out about the hotel and surroundings around where you will stay to know if they permit smoking. Getting all the right information can prevent you from getting into trouble with the authorities and prevent you from paying a fine or facing a more severe penalty. If you want to rehydrate your cigar, you should check out (How To Rehydrate Cigars?)