Alaska Bear Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter Review

Introduction One thing you will always need, whether it is your first time smoking or you’re a long time smoker is a good quality cigar cutter. The most common type of cigar cutter is the double-bladed guillotine type. At this moment, my favourite cigar cutter is the Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter. When it comes to … Read more

A Journey Through Cigar History

INTRODUCTION Cigars have been in existence for thousands of years, but it is still unknown how it was created. Christopher Columbus was the first westerner to discover the existence of the cigar in 1492. It is time to remind ourselves of the cigar’s versatile and rich history and the cultural significance attached to each brand. … Read more

Zino Double Blade Cigar Cutter Review

Introduction Apart from having a humidorQuality Importers Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor Review, a cigar cutter is another important tool you should have. Just a wrong cut will ruin a cigar even if it is the most wonderful cigar. You get that standard enjoyment after giving a cigar a neat and perfect cut. The importance of … Read more

Scorch Torch 25 50 Cigar Humidor Review

Introduction If you plan on storing large amounts of cigars, the ones that you will not finish in about 3 days you must have a cigar humidor to keep the flavour, freshness and of course the aroma without a cigar humidor in this situation your cigars will dry out. And once cigars dry out, they … Read more

Quality Importers Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor Review

Introduction Cigars are top-rated among the rich and the poor. There are two primary reasons people purchase cigars, including for smoking or collection purposes. If you buy your cigar for smoking, it should not be a problem as you will not be purchasing in large quantities. Although, people who also purchase in large quantities can … Read more

Cigar Beetles Guide

INTRODUCTION The problem that most cigar smokers have with the cigar is the cigar beetles. It is quite frustrating and annoying when cigar beetles can eat into and ruin your cigars while causing a whole lot of damage to your favourite cigars. It doesn’t take much for a colony of cigar beetles to invade your … Read more

Best Small Cigars

Introduction There are different brands available when it comes to the cigar industry, and one of them is called cigarillo. They are regarded as smaller sized cigars which are rolled in the best tobacco paper to enable smooth smoking. It is believed that there are about 3 grams of tobacco contained in cigarillos, which is … Read more

Best Cigars

Introduction There are a lot of cigars available on the market, and trying them all will be fun. However, some cigars are very special, and most smokers have their personal favorites, just like having a favorite wine. But if you are considering getting one as a gift or looking to try out a new brand, … Read more

Bachelor Party Cigar Guide

INTRODUCTION A substantial part of what defines a successful bachelor party is actually the cigars. If you’ve attended a couple of bachelor parties, they mostly share one thing in common, which is the cigar. However, if you don’t know much about cigars or you’re not sure which kind of cigars will be best for a … Read more