Scorch Torch 25 50 Cigar Humidor Review


If you plan on storing large amounts of cigars, the ones that you will not finish in about 3 days you must have a cigar humidor to keep the flavour, freshness and of course the aroma without a cigar humidor in this situation your cigars will dry out. And once cigars dry out, they become unenjoyable. The resins along with the oils get stagnant. the flavours of the leaves become impossible to mix and it burns out too hot when this happens you can not enjoy a cigar as you want. Cigarettes could even get bitter once it gets dry. You do not want your cigars to get dry therefore, you need to store them in a place that will keep them fresh. Do not consider storing cigars in the freezer or refrigerators. These are no good storage for cigars. Rather, consider using a humidor. A humidor is one of the best places to store cigars and keep them fresh and enjoyable to smoke. A humidor is a container made to keep the humidity level in check. It prevents cigars from drying and allows them to last long and still be smokable. Humidors can be a small mobile box or large like the ones used in cigar shops often referred to as walk-in humidors. With a humidor, a cigar remains fresh, with its flavour and aroma intact. The significance of a humidor shouldn’t be underrated like some people do. Cigars need a particular moisture level and without a humidor, they are unable to get the needed level of humidity which makes them dry out. But with a humidor, not only do their moisture stays in shape they also stay fresh and have an untampered taste and aroma. Whether you are a cigar lover or a cigar shop owner, a humidor is a necessity. You need somewhere to store cigars to maintain the humidity level and a humidor is just the right choice. Let’s see one of the quality humidors you should consider getting to keep your cigars in shape.

Scorch Torch 25 50 Cigar Humidor Review

Scorch Torch 25.50 Cigar Humidor Review

When you buy cigars and you buy more than what you can smoke for few days, then you already bought to cover for future use. You can’t just store cigars somewhere in your house like your fridge. That is the reason you need a humidor. A humidor that’ll Keep your cigars fresh for quite a good period. While you store cigars in the humidor, the taste, flavour or aroma isn’t affected negatively. The Scorch torch 25 50 cigar Humidor is a good choice to consider while searching for a humidor. It comes with a humidifier and hygrometer. Giving cigars adequate care is imperative. Since no one enjoys smoking dry cigars that have lost taste and flavour and only burn hotly, you should consider getting a scorch torch 25 50 humidor that’ll help keep cigars in shape, maintain the freshness, smell and quality. This humidor is made of quality woods that’ll provide maximally, exactly what cigars need. It is mobile and suitable in different locations. The scorch torch 25 50 humidor allows lots of cigars to be placed in a vertical position or horizontal position. It is a quality humidor and one of the best.


• Superior quality

• Allows cigars to be placed in a horizontal or vertical position.

• Gives adequate care to Cigars

• Can accommodate quite a large number of cigars

• Adjustable

Down sides

• The humidity readings can be unstable

• Humidity level is sometimes difficult to preserve


Cigars are prone to dry out easily within few days if they’re not kept in a humidor. Humidor has proven to be one of the best places to store cigars. Storing cigars in a humidor helps preserve not only the moisture but also the taste, freshness and aroma will be intact. Since no one enjoys smoking dry cigars, it is necessary to adequately store cigars. With a humidor, you can keep cigars for a long period without any worries. This article has discussed the Scorch torch 25 50 cigar humidor, one of the best cigar humidor that’s portable and performs efficiently.

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