La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor Review


The La Cubana humidor is known for its solid performance and also its beautiful and elegant construction and finish, all of which make it a wonderful addition to your home or office. A lot of users have recommended this sleek humidor, and if you a cigar buff and serious about preserving your cigars in a safe and stylish manner, then it is worth taking a look into this humidor.

Features Of The La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor

This review on the La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar humidor will provide you with insight into why this cigar humidor is so popular so that you can better understand its reputation for reliability and good looks.

This cigar humidor is constructed from solid wood along with a metal frame; the interior of the humidor is made from high-quality cedar for extra scent and moisture protection, the bottom of the humidor is lined with felt. It also comes with two compartments and can store up to fifty cigars.

The La Cubana cigar humidor is quite popular among cigar aficionados, with an overall high rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon. Above 80% of reviewers gave the humidor a 5-star rating.

The Cherry Wood cigar humidor from La Cubana is durable; its sturdy coating makes it resistant to skid marks and scratches. It also comes pre-calibrated and optimized for the best cigar storage.

Lovers of this humidor keep talking about its 50 cigar capacity, its ability to maintain the right humidity level, and the humidor’s sleek look. The polished cherry wood exterior has a warm and inviting look, while the gold metal accents make the humidor even more attractive, thus captivating the eyes of everyone.

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Factors To Be Aware Of

Even though this humidor gets a lot of praise, it still comes with a few concerns. Some customers complained about their unit arriving without any instruction manual on how to season the box or set the hygrometer for the best humidity level.

You can easily solve this by going through the internet and finding the right information. Still, with the price point, it would be reasonable to expect an instruction manual to be included in the package.

Another issue that customers seem to have with this humidor is that the back hinge sometimes comes without a pin. Most customers have to resort to using a paper clip to hold the hinge in place in order to keep the humidor functional instead of having to go through the stress of having the unit returned and replaced.

We usually recommend that you contact the reseller or manufacturer and send them a photo of the missing pin so that they can send you one instead of going through the stress of sending the whole package back.

Another issue that you may encounter with this humidor is the internal humidifier arriving disconnected from its position on the bottom of the lid. Most people just glue it back into place or simply leave it on the floor of the humidor; even though it’s not ideal, the humidor seems to work well and accurately.

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  • It is incredibly durable
  • Its finish makes it scratch resistant
  • It is a high-quality humidor
  • It has a classic finished look
  • It comes with a humidifier and hygrometer
  • It has a wide storage space
  • It is convenient to use


  • It may not be suitable for new cigar smokers
  • The space might be excess for casual cigar smokers


The Cherry Wood humidor from La Cubana is one of the best choices for humidors, available for just a bit below $100. Yes, some customers have encountered different issues with their units. Still, the issues are mostly minor or cosmetic, and reviewers have said that it doesn’t affect the ability of the humidor to keep your cigars safe and fresh.

As we mentioned earlier, it is best to contact the manufacturer or reseller; if you encounter any issues with the unit, send photos of the problem. That way, it would be rectified faster and easier, so you can avoid sending the entire package back.

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If you need a luxurious humidor, then the La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor would be great for you.