Best Cigar Apps for Phone, Tablet, and Smartwatch.


As a frequent smoker or a new beginner in the smoking arena, some of the invaluable things you would need to have about cigars, their manufacturers, and tips on smoking cigars would come in handy. Having this information in your head all the time could be work, and then you might tend to forget them sometimes.

Almost everyone has access to an android phone, a tablet, or a smartwatch. Having these gadgets has made life a lot easier for many people. One of the benefits of having any of these gadgets, a phone, a tablet, and a smartwatch, is that you could access information quickly without the need to stress yourself to remember anything.

Why You Should Use a Cigar App

Having a cigar app on your device could teach you many things you would need to about cigars and smoke them. Even as someone who has been making use of cigars for a while, it would be a valuable tool to have. To know more about cigars, visit Cigar

Most times, newbies do not know where to look when they begin their cigar journey, and having someone knowledgeable enough to guide them might not always be an option. However, a newbie can get to know a lot about cigars, manufacturers, and tips on smoking them with a cigar app.

Below we take you through the best cigar apps that we recommend that you use, whether as a newbie or not. But, before we get into that, we would love to talk about a few terms to make you grasp what we intend to pass across concisely.

What is a Cigar?

A cigar is usually a rolled bunch of tobacco leaves fermented and dried, meant to be smoked. Most cigars are made up of three components; the filler, binder leaf, and the wrapper leaf. The stuffing usually is held together using the binder leaf, and the wrapper leaf is the leaf used to wrap the whole thing. Cigars come in a variety of sizes and shapes. To know about the best cigars, visit Best Cigars

What is an App?

An app is downloaded and installed by an android, tablet, or smartwatch user on whatever device they use. Apps are often made or developed to perform a specific function. In this case, the app is made specifically for cigars users to provide them with in-depth information about cigars.

Top Best Cigar Apps

Now that we have clarified a few terms, let’s look at the top best cigar apps we recommend. These apps work across different platforms.

Cigar Scanner

Cigar scanner is a pretty cool app because of the feature that it boasts of if, for instance, you find yourself in a new environment and you don’t know any of the brands of cigars that you see around. Using the scanner app, you could quickly see a lot about that particular brand you find in that location.

All you have to do is scan the cigar using the app, and it would display for you all the information on that brand within minutes of scanning. This feature comes very handy, especially for beginners, but it could also benefit seasoned smokers.

Apart from the above feature, another feature is that it saves every scanned cigar and keeps a history. It is easy for you to go back to this history if you want to look up whatever information you might have forgotten. The app is developed and distributed by the Cigar Lab co.

Cigar Rights of America (CRA)

The CRA, also known as the cigar rights of America, is an advocacy group that fights for cigar smokers in the region of the United States of America. This group was founded to protect every cigar smoker’s rights and protect their unique experiences while smoking.

For the past 20 years, there has been an increase in the fight against smokers, which does not support or work in favor of smokers’ rights.

The CRA app is an app that circles the group’s activities, news updates, and recent happening within the group. Supporting the CRA also means supporting the future of your smoking experience.

Cigar Boss

Cigar Boss is an app that would be the best for newbie and seasoned smokers who have a thing for history, and you can also visit A Journey Through Cigar History to know more about the history of a cigar. The app is fun to use, and it helps you get acquainted with the history of different brands. Apart from this, you can also get to read professional reviews about other brands.

If you want to identify a cigar store or location close to your area or where you stay, you could use the app. Not only does it let you know of the history, establishment of a cigar store, it also tells a lot more about smoking cigars, etc.

This app is great because it has a lot of information on about 7000 cigars.

Cigar Dojo

The Cigar Dojo app is a great app to use when you are beginning your smoking journey. Usually, connecting with people who have the same interest as you do could be a big deal, just as we connect with our loved ones on social media.

The app connects you with other smokers. It creates a community, and you could get to talk, chat, and socialize with many other smokers.

The app allows you to chat, update your status, and do basically what most social media will enable you to do with others.

Cigar Geeks

Although the app is not available to all platforms, it is on android. Said to be one of the best cigar apps on android by many seasoned smokers, the app has a catalog of over a thousand cigars that lets you learn about them, their history, and many professionals’ reviews.

The app catalogs in a humidor over about 30000 thousand cigars, and information about them this app goes more profound than the Cigar Boss app in terms of its database.


Now that you already know about the best cigar apps as we have shown them to you, it is left for you to choose from the best that we talked about to help you with information, networking with other smokers, and about anything that you plan to do with the apps.