Bachelor Party Cigar Guide


A substantial part of what defines a successful bachelor party is actually the cigars. If you’ve attended a couple of bachelor parties, they mostly share one thing in common, which is the cigar. However, if you don’t know much about cigars or you’re not sure which kind of cigars will be best for a bachelor party, you are reading the right article.

First off, some people may wonder, why bring cigars to a bachelor party? The thing is, it depends on your guests. Do they smoke? And the location of the bachelor party also matters a lot, because if you are going to spend most of the time indoors, you may have to pass on the cigars. However, you may want to consider having cigars at your bachelor party, for fun and adventure, lighting up a good cigar with your friends at night before your wedding while talking and reminiscing about the old days. It’ll surprise you how many of your friends will attempt to smoke a cigar, even if it’s the first time, for the sake of the special gathering if your bachelor party is held outdoors, like on a patio or a boat cruise or even if you all go out camping, around a campfire. Smoking cigars can stir up heartfelt conversations that will be memorable for a long time and lift the mood. Even if some of your guests decide to stick to their non-smoke policy, you can always keep the leftover cigars in your humidor or tupperdor.

Suppose you’re unsure if you want to bring cigars to a bachelor party. First of all, you need to determine if the location of the bachelor party is cigar friendly. If you and your clique decide to have a poker night or if you all are going to a golf course, these locations would be great to smoke cigars. Although, if you and your friends decide to have a series of games involving physical activity throughout or to go hiking, you wouldn’t have enough free time to light up some cigars.


Figuring out which kind of cigars would be best for a bachelor party can sometimes be a difficult task. Suppose you or your friends are long-time cigar smokers. Your tastes may have advanced even more than others. The brief pointers below will give you a better idea of how to go about choosing the right cigars for a bachelor party.

  1. You can go for a smaller or shorter cigar. Especially if you know that you won’t have that much downtime, a smoke with a short length can be exhausted in about an hour. You can opt for a Robusto vitola or Corona
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  1. You need to bear in mind that the stogies you purchase for a bachelor party have to be beginner-friendly. Avoid cigars that have a higher content of nicotine. Mild stogies would work just fine for beginners. Also, ensure that you avoid cigars with very high nicotine levels. You wouldn’t want to worry about anyone having a nicotine fever. You can opt for a Connecticut wrapper
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  1. You’ll need to bring more than enough cigars for you and your group. Everyone should be able to have one, at least. You can bring extra cigars so that after everyone gets a cigar, there’s still more to share or go round
  1. You don’t have to bring all your cigars for the trip. You can browse online to see if there are a good mortar and brick where you can replace your cigars. If the location is a remote place, such as mountains and so on, then you can bring cigars
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  1. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase the cigars. Don’t go over the top with the spending, and It’s very likely that your friends with who you intend to share the cigars are not advanced smokers and may just have a few puffs. They may not even realize or appreciate the cigar’s quality so, just purchase what you can afford
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If you’re wondering what other things you can bring along, you may want to carry a lighter and cigar cutter along. You can get a boveda kit for travel, especially if you want to preserve your cigars.

Avoid purchasing value pack cigars or samplers, especially if you’re going to take it along on the bachelor party trip. The prices can be very tempting but don’t fall for it. However, you can opt for some of these cigars;

  • The nub Connecticut may have small sizes, but they can last up to an hour. They are great for a quick smoking session. You can take them along, especially if you and your friends have a lot of physical activities planned for the day. These cigars are great for smoking at a golf course or outdoors
  • If you want a smooth, creamy, and silky smoke, then you may want to consider the Undercrown shade cigar. It is an excellent pick
  • The Oliva Connecticut reserve Robusto is a common cigar that is quite easy to find and have a peppery, nutty spice that makes smoking it interesting and tasteful
  • for a creamy, rich smoke that is beginner-friendly but also suitable for advanced smokers, you can purchase the Montecristo White Toro cigar. This cigar’s quality is quite impressive and will work just fine for both the beginners and the aficionados.
  • the Perdomo champagne cigar is one of many cigar fans favorites. It is also a good cigar to start smoking with because it is beginner-friendly and mild too


In conclusion, you want to make sure that you respect your friend’s choices. It is also advisable to consider the location of the bachelor party. Ensure that you avoid cigars with a high level of nicotine. Opt for beginner-friendly cigars and mild cigars. Remember to carry a humidor along, probably a Ziploc back or an airtight plastic container, to preserve and keep the cigars in check. You can consider purchasing any of the cigars listed above, depending on the bachelor party’s location and conditions.

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