Tips To Enjoy Your Cigar On The Golf Course


One of the best feelings is having a nice round of golf with friends all around you. To increase the experience, you can add a nice cigar to the mix; this is a relaxing and rewarding way to enjoy your time with friends. Golf has become a hobby for many people since it became mainstream and now adding their favorite cigar to the mix allows you to enjoy the experience. Even if you enjoy smoking and golfing with your friends, there are some tips that can improve the overall experience.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind, such as how an 18-hole game can take from a few hours to an entire day, so leave the small cigars and cigarillos at home and opt for the large cigars. The tips listed below will help you better enjoy smoking your cigars on the golf course.

Properly Store Your Cigars While Playing

The first rule to smoking is keeping your cigars in pristine smoking conditions, and this means that the relative humidity should be around 68% to 72%. So it’s a wonder why people bring their cigars to the golf course to be exposed to weather and not keep it in a travel humidor.

If you leave your cigars on your car seat for hours, they tend to dry out, which destroys the natural flavor that the tobacco has, thereby ruining the experience. So the first tip you have to remember is to keep your cigars in a travel humidor while going to the golf course; this allows you to enjoy the best smoke flavor while having a fun time with friends.

Don’t Use A Cigarette Lighter To Light Your Cigar

Using a cigarette lighter is a ridiculous thing when it comes to cigar smoking etiquette, and doing that on a golf course just makes it worse. Use a torch lighter and a butane lighter to light your premium cigars. You won’t want to use an inferior lighter that would end up adding flavors that are nasty to your cigar that was hand made to perfection.

Don’t Place Your Cigar On The Golf Cart Or Ground

This is not a good move to make. You may want to hit a putt or shot, and you place your cigar on the ground or the edge of the golf seat or even placing it inside the cup holder – this is not an okay thing to do. Instead of doing that, invest in a golf cart cigar holder and enjoy your game.

Choose A Light Cigar

You might most times enjoy having a cigar with a maduro wrapper with a spicy flavor, but you won’t want to have that on a golf course. Playing golf takes some time, and that means you and your friends would probably go through 2 to 4 cigars, and you won’t want to be having strong cigars back to back. Since you might be going through two cigars, you might want to go for a light cigar such as a house blend Graycliff or a cigar made by Ashton. Also, remember to get some cheap cigars because you might be sharing it with your friends.

Ensure To Get Extra Cigars For Your Golf Buddies

You won’t want to be seen as a selfish golfer; if you intend on smoking while golfing, then bring enough stick to go around. Stogies might be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring some for your buddies. Hopefully, your friends might pay you back by bringing cigars the next time you guys get together.

Focus On Your Game And Not Your Cigar

After cutting and lighting your cigar properly, you can then focus on your game. People who haven’t learned how to prepare a cigar properly will end up complaining about how bad their cigar tastes. Many cigar smokers on golf courses do not know how to cut and light their cigars, so they end up spitting all over, which is a terrible thing to do on the golf course. Make sure that you use a sharp cigar cutter and a good quality lighter to light your fine cigars. When you prepare your cigar properly, you will be puffing out creamy smoke while enjoying your game.


Having a cigar on a golf course adds to the overall experience. When you know how to prepare your cigars the right way, you will enjoy your cigar without focusing all your attention on it, and you will have more time for your game. Follow the tips above to have a nice time on the golf course.

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