What is a Cuban Cigar?


A cigar can be described as fermented tobacco which has been dried and can be smoked, and they are available in different shapes, flavours and sizes. But, a Cuban cigar stands out, and that is because of its unique difference. Cuban cigars are made from the very best tobaccos that are grown locally, and they follow a process which has not been changed for over 100 years. Cuban cigars are known to be the very best cigars in the world, and that is why they come under direct government regulations, and this is a good thing. The government regulations make sure every cigar that is produced are of the highest quality before they are allowed to leave the factories, some of the thing that is checked for are the way it is rolled, and it is flawless. It has been said that it takes over 100 steps to make one Cuban cigar to perfection.

Cuban cigars are made purely and solely from only Cuban tobaccos, unlike other cigars which are made from various blends of different materials. Cuban cigars are meant to be smoked separately and peacefully if you wish to enjoy the freshness and taste. The unique smell and taste of the Cuban cigar make it a great and unique experience because it has a unique mix of sun, sand and sea, which makes it a great indulgence in life.

Different types of Cuban cigars

Just like our regular cigars, Cuban cigars come in various brands and flavours to choose from, and each has its unique taste and flavour. Below are some of the flor/brands available.


The Montecristo can be regarded as the most famous and best selling Cuban cigar in the world. They are made with leaves that are gotten from the Vuelta Abajo region, and it was established in 1935, and it comes in various sizes to suit your preference.


The Cohiba Cuban cigar was known to be the first choice of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and that made it very popular. Castro made this cigar rare and only gave it as gifts to diplomats, and they only became available for sale to the general public in 1980. The production is controlled tightly, and it is difficult to purchase because the Cohiba cigar mark is only available in 5% of Cuban cigars.

Hoyo De Monterrey

This cigar is popular mostly among people who don’t like the strong taste of the other Cuban cigars and would prefer something lighter. It is known as one of the greatest Cuban cigars of all time, but as time passed so did its value and presence depreciate.

Where and how to get a Cuban cigar

Usually, because of the name Cuban cigar, and the average person would think it can only be purchased in Cuba, but that is not the case. Cuban cigars are sold in some countries like Mexico and Canada, and they can be bought online, but just like every online purchase, it can be hard to spot the fake ones. The cigar market today is flooded with brands that are substandard and even some who make fake Cuban cigars, and they have made it difficult for us to spot the difference by just looking at it. To spot a fake cigar nowadays you have to go as far as smoking, and while smoking any cigar which is a fake, it is easy to spot. Cuban cigars have an aroma that is unique and can only be found from the best tobacco which has been dried, harvested, wrapped and cut.

Why you should take Cuban cigars

  • Easy to spot fake: Because the cigar market has been flooded with different brands and some are even fake, and below standards, the Cuban cigars are no exception and have seen it own fair share of fakes. We noticed that most people who have complained of buying fake Cuban cigars have either bought them online, black markets or are amateurs when it comes to Cuban cigars.

Downside of Cuban cigars

Just like most thing in life that has an advantage, they end up having little or more disadvantages. It is left to you to decide whether it is best for you or not, below are some of the disadvantages of Cuban cigars

  • They are expensive: It is a dream of every smoker to have a taste of the famous and unique Cuban cigars at some point in their smoking cycle, but that is not an easy fantasy to achieve because of the price tag. Cuban cigars are expensive and can be difficult to get even in Cuba where it is produced. A Cuban cigar starts from $100, which is quite high for the average person to spend on a single roll of the cigar.
  • Cancer: According to research by US food and administration, it was discovered that cigar smokers have a high level of cancer-causing mechanism in their urine and blood. Tobacco which is used in Cuban cigars was found to contain a high level of NNAL, which is a carcinogen. Most people who smoke usually think they are puffing instead of inhaling, but research has shown that in the process of puffing they are inhaling smoke particles which can be very harmful to the body.
  • Illegal: although Cuban cigars are the best cigars around, they are illegal in some countries like the US and anybody that wants to enjoy a Cuban cigar in the US has to do so in hiding.


Smoking a Cuban cigar is always an experience most people hope to have one day, so if you plan on purchasing a Cuban cigar anytime soon, it is not advisable to shop online or on the black market because they are full of fakes. When shopping for your Cuban cigar, you should go to a reputable store to have a first-hand look at it and if possible, have a taste before purchasing. You can always check online or ask someone who smokes Cuban cigar for advising especially if you are a first-timer and you can always go through this article to have a beer understanding and feeling.