How long do cigars last?


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A great feeling comes when you light up your cigar, especially the perfectly aged ones, which has a complex flavor accompanied by a perfect aroma. If you have invested some money in getting a cigar collection, it would be terrible if it gets spoilt because you had no idea how to store your cigar or how long it lasts. Every cigar lover is ready to do whatever it takes to make their cigars last longer and preserve the fresh taste. You could have spent a significant amount on a cigar collection with the hope of smoking them on special occasions, but that plan could be changed entirely if you don’t know how long cigars last. It would be best if you considered some factors to determine how long a cigar can last. In this article, we would be taking you through the various steps necessary to resolve how long a cigar will last.

Knowing your favorite cigar brands

Knowing your cigars’ shelf life should be top of yor priorities, especially if you plan on investing a lot in a collection. The type of cigar and some other factors can determine the lifespan of your cigar. It has been found that cigars that have been aged for years usually go for a higher price, while if you are not interested in waiting for a long time, you should go for the one with a younger aging period. If you have an idea of your preferred brand’s shelf life, age, and environmental conditions, it will give you a better idea of what to expect of your cigar.

Protecting Your Cigars-Proper Storage

Proper storage of your cigar can help increase the lifespan, so if you spend a huge amount on your cigar collection, and yo want to enjoy the freshness, you get a humidor for storage. A good humidor can help you preserve your cigar’s taste for years to come, and it will still look and taste fresh when you decide to smoke it but to get the best humidor, then you must be willing to spend a fair amount of money to get one. Each cigar is made from plant products that are naturally grown. Although there are other conditions like atmospheric conditions and many other factors that can help determine the shelf life, the storage condition is equally important. Cigars then become brittle and loos moisture when they are stored in an environment that is too dry. Likewise, if the envornment is too wet, it can affect the cigar’s flavor and sometimes make it difficult to light. Both the wet and dry environmental conditions can harm your cigar life, as well as the flavor and quality. The use of a humidor will help provide a balanced condition necessary to give your cigar fresh, preserve its flavor, and its general quality.

If a cigar is adequately stored and in the right conditions, then you can expect it to last for a very long time. In the humidor used to preserve your cigar, you might want to set the humidity level based on your preference. Still, you should maintain a temperature of about sixty-five percent up to seventy-two percent. For adequate air circulation, then the cigars should be spaced appropriately.

Ageing process

A maturity period, usually several months, is needed for a cigar before being shipped out for consumption. The maturity period gives time for the cigar to be more balanced or have a refined flavor. It is often best to have a three-month grace period from your new cigar before you start smoking. While storing your cigar in a humidor, you should remove the cellophane wrapper because leaving it can be counter-productive because it hinders the aging process. The cellophane can raise the wrapper’s temperature, thereby making something similar to a greenhouse effect. It must be said that the cellophane can help prevent flavors from mixing, especially when there is no humidor or a divider in the box they are kept.


A cigar’s lifespan depends on the cigar’s makeup, the method used in creating the cigar, and how much time and attention is put into caring for them. There is no specific answer or time frame to how long a cigar will last. There are different kinds of cigars, which means other criteria to be taken into consideration. We hope you have found this article helpful in determining how long your cigar collection will last.