What is a premium cigar?


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The best way to differentiate most cigars is by the distinct taste, although premium cigars vary a lot in terms of features. Some of the taste which can be found in premium cigars include a little sweet taste with cedar, leather, wood, herbs, spices, chocolate and in some cases, ground coffee. But, the kind of taste of a cigar is solely dependent on the filler used and also the kind of wrapper used on the cigar. The wrapper is the outer layer of the cigar which is responsible for its appearance and has a huge role when it comes to the price of a cigar. After all this, it doesn’t change the fact that a cigar has three parts which make it whole. In this article, we would be helping you understand the meaning of premium cigars and breaking down the three different parts of a cigar.

Key features of a premium cigar

In this article, we are going to help you have a better understanding of a premium cigar, and we would be breaking down the three key structures, and how they help us get adequate pleasure from smoking. We would also help you understand what criteria to consider when looking for a premium cigar. Adequate maintenance of the cigars are required, and that is why we advise you always purchase cigars from a reputable cigar shop or online. There is a lot of dedication put into making cigars, and great attention is paid into the details that make premium cigars so unique. Cigar structure is broken down into three different structures, and they include wrapper, filler and binder. Below we are going to be breaking down the three different structures, to help us have a better understanding.


The wrapper of a cigar can be described as the outer layer which we come in contact with while smoking. A large piece of tobacco leaf is what is used to wrap the outer layer, which makes the cigar look like a finished product. The wrapper helps to hold the inner leaves used to make up the cigar, together with the help of the binder. The wrappers are usually made up of large leave, and the larger leaves are usually gotten from the lower parts of the tobacco leaves. There are a lot of factors you need to consider when picking a wrapper and they include: no discolouration, no blemishes, no signs of insect infestation, no holes, and there should be an absence of mould. If there is a presence of any of the above mentioned, then the leaves can be used as wrappers. Also, the texture of the leave should be considered; it should feel spongy and not hard because then it would be difficult to use.


The filler is usually made of premium leaves which can be found in the inner layer of the cigar just after you take off the wrapper. The leave of the filler has a huge role to play when it comes to determining the price to be paid for a cigar. The fillers are grown naturally with a lot of attention and care to ensure the best quality possible. The fillers are later put into small sections which are used to make most of the premium cigars we have currently. Without this fillers leaves, there can be no premium cigar, which is why a lot of care is put into them. The unique aromas and flavours which come with the fillers add to the unique experience an individual experience while smoking one. It would help if you always avoided the filler leaves inside your cigars from getting dry and brittle because that will affect your smoking experience negatively. To avoid your dry cigars from spoiling, you can check out (How To Rehydrate Cigars?) and if you also want to make your humidor which can be used to store your cigars properly, then you can also checkout (How To Make A Humidor?).


The binder used on premium cigars is usually made from the same leaves as that used for the wrapper or something similar. Still, the binders have a little different as they usually contain some tiny holes, discolouration, and others. The job of the binder is to bring together the filler used in making the cigars, thereby making it easy to apply the wrappers.

Cigar advice for everyone

In the beginning, when you start smoking, you would probably have no idea of the necessary things to do when smoking. You might read about cigars and the different brands available, and you would most likely pick a brand from what is available online or from friends which you regard as cigar experts. But, if you can join cigar clubs or visit cigar lounges, then you will have a better understanding. If you follow this advice, then you are guaranteed to have the great fun that comes with smoking premium cigars. There is only half of the fun available when you buy the best premium cigars, but the total package comes when you can smoke and discuss with cigar experts. You can also join online forums where you can discuss with other smokers from different parts of the world and share your experience, and you will probably gain knowledge or two from them.

Using a grading system to help the cigar shops understand the level of aroma you are hoping to get, you can use something like 1-5 with five as the highest level.


The size of a cigar matters a lot, and for beginners, you should start the smaller size of cigars. Once you have fully mastered the smaller cigars, then you can work your way up to the top of the larger sizes. Smaller cigars are best for beginners because they are easier to smoke, and it requires less amount of time to smoke. The best intensity for your flavour should be 3. But, that doesn’t mean if you would like to start from the larger size cigars you shouldn’t. If you feel the larger cigars are the best for you, then feel free to get yourself one.


In this article, we have helped you understand what a premium cigar is and the criteria involved in making one. Also, to have a better view of the quality and freshness of cigars before purchase, you should have a first-hand view of the cigar, unless the cigar is sealed. When cutting your cigar, ensure you know which cutter to use and which is best for your cigar. You can check Which is best? Straight Cut, Cigar Punch or V Cut?.