How Far Down Should A Cigar Be Smoked


A beginner at smoking has quite a lot to learn concerning the act of smoking a cigar. A beginner will have to learn about the unwritten rules, etiquettes and traditions that guide the act of smoking cigars. For example, you need to know how to light your cigar and even how to ash it properly. You also need to know how far down you should smoke your cigar. However, it depends on your preference, but as a beginner, you may worry about getting embarrassed in public, or you may just want to know the basics of cigar etiquette, to avoid making ordinary mistakes that would make it obvious that you’re a beginner. This article will enlighten you on how far down you should smoke your cigar and why it’s important.


Everyone may have personal their opinions on how to cut their cigar or how far down the cigar should be smoked, and this can sometimes get confusing for beginners. A lot of cigar smokers have their personal preference or guide on when to stop smoking. Cutting your cigar, using a cigar cutter can be quite tricky, but you also have to know the rules of how far down you should smoke your cigar and when its time to throw it away. However, one of the commonest beliefs about smoking a cigar is that you ought to stop smoking once it gets to the cigar band while others believe you can let the cigar burn out on its own as soon as it gets to a width measured at three fingers. Some people also leave the cigar just to burn out totally.

A couple of cigar smokers would rather smoke only half of the cigar before putting it out and tossing it away. This act is considered wasteful by many cigar aficionados, especially if your brand of cigar is expensive. When to toss your cigar while smoking is entirely up to you but if you’re not sure when to do so, then you can just stop smoking when you notice that the flavour has changed or when you’re no longer enjoying the cigar. Here are some of the signs that its time to put out your cigar;

flavour change: When you’re smoking a cigar, and you notice that the flavour changes or the flavour is not as strong as in the beginning, it’s a sign that you’re getting closer to the end of y our cigar. When you’re close to the end, you may notice that the flavour even becomes a bit bitter and bland, which makes it less enjoyable. You may decide to try and purge the cigar and continue smoking, or you can put the cigar once you’ve lost interest. The middle of your cigar probably has the best flavour, but the end of the cigar usually has different flavours, most of which aren’t pleasant. This is due to the gathering of oil and tar from tobacco. At this point, you may want to purge or toss the cigar away. You can purge your cigar by blowing air through the cigar, softly rather than puffing the cigar. This helps to reduce the bitter taste and clear some of the buildups. If after doing this, it still tastes the same then you need just to toss it off.

Stomach upset: Sometimes, a cigar can nauseate you and make you feel unwell; it can sometimes even make you feel lightheaded. This may happen due to several reasons. However, a cigar beginner will most likely experience this the most because they are recent smokers or if they smoke too much or if they choose a really strong cigar with high nicotine content. Once you start to feel unwell, then its time to put out the cigar.

Holding the cigar is uncomfortable: Suppose you have smoked your cigar down to a tiny length/nub, it will become uncomfortable to hold and smoke at the same time, it may even become hot. In this case, you need to put out the cigar. Unlike cigarettes, cigars do not have filters, and this means that it can burn up to your lips. Avoid smoking it down to an inch from your lips before stopping, or you might get burnt. You have to give it at least three inches.

If you want to continue smoking your cigar all the way to the end, then you’d have to purchase a cigar holder or a roach clip. These items will help you to smoke the cigar all the way down with the lesser risk of burning your mouth or hand.

The time frame that a cigar lasts depends largely on the brand of cigar. Due to cigar etiquette, it is not advisable to just toss your cigar halfway into it. However, some smokers do just this. On the other hand, many smokers would rather not waste their money and also like to have the most of the cigar and its flavour before tossing it off. As mentioned earlier, the choice is yours to make. You may decide to consider the etiquette and also get the most of your cigar, or you could toss it once you lose interest or if you don thinks its flavorful.

Cigar smoking may have some unwritten rules and etiquette, but it boils down to your preference, the brand of smoke and your experience as a smoker.


There are no ‘sacred’ rules to smoking or punishment for not going according to these rules. However, if you’re a newbie and you don’t want to do something that may upset other smokers around you or embarrass yourself, then it won’t be a bad idea to follow some of these traditions. Some cigars literally do not lose their flavour, down to your last puff; they still taste and smell flavorful. These are the kind of cigars that can be interesting to smoke till the end, but some cigars lose their taste and flavour quite early. Smoking these cigars to the nub can be quite boring and hot too. You don’t want to burn your lips. Ensure to take all these into consideration before deciding on your preference. Also, see:

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