Cigar Pairing With Food

Introduction There are two types of cigar smokers when it comes to food pairing, those that like it and those that don’t. Whether you believe in having a cigar before, during or after dinner, the new trend that is going around the world is pairing cigars with different food flavours just like you would do … Read more

Top cigar blogs to follow

Introduction Cigar blogs are frequently visited by new smokers and enthusiast alike. These blogs are always keeping tabs on the latest news in the industry whether it’s your favourite brand coming out with a new cigar, or looking for tips on smoking, what product to choose or you need to know what type cigars you … Read more

Cigar Etiquettes and Traditions

INTRODUCTION Some cigar smokers would rather go to a cigar lounge to smoke their cigars while taking in the atmosphere. If you’re new to smoking, you may not be familiar with the do’s and don’ts that come with smoking in public, at a friend’s place, or in a cigar lounge. Whether you’re a steady smoker … Read more

Cigar Beetles Guide

INTRODUCTION The problem that most cigar smokers have with the cigar is the cigar beetles. It is quite frustrating and annoying when cigar beetles can eat into and ruin your cigars while causing a whole lot of damage to your favourite cigars. It doesn’t take much for a colony of cigar beetles to invade your … Read more

Best Small Cigars

Introduction There are different brands available when it comes to the cigar industry, and one of them is called cigarillo. They are regarded as smaller sized cigars which are rolled in the best tobacco paper to enable smooth smoking. It is believed that there are about 3 grams of tobacco contained in cigarillos, which is … Read more

Best Cigars

Introduction There are a lot of cigars available on the market, and trying them all will be fun. However, some cigars are very special, and most smokers have their personal favorites, just like having a favorite wine. But if you are considering getting one as a gift or looking to try out a new brand, … Read more

How To Store Cigars

Introduction Cigar experts know how to store a cigar properly, but if you’re a beginner you might be wondering how you can store that cigar that you’re saving for a special occasion, or you just want to keep your cigars fresh. There are two types of cigar smokers, the cigar aficionados and the casual cigar … Read more

How to rehydrate cigars?

Introduction If you are a cigar lover, you will know that one of the worst things you could experience is a dried out cigar. A dried-out cigar can be very difficult to smoke and light, while the smell will be bad, and it will also have a terrible taste. Fortunately, there are ways you can … Read more