Cigar Etiquettes and Traditions


Some cigar smokers would rather go to a cigar lounge to smoke their cigars while taking in the atmosphere. If you’re new to smoking, you may not be familiar with the do’s and don’ts that come with smoking in public, at a friend’s place, or in a cigar lounge.

Whether you’re a steady smoker who knows the value of a good cigar or you just enjoy lighting up and smoking your cigars with pride, there is a cigar etiquette that you have to follow. There is also plenty of blunders that you need to avoid when you light a cigar around other cigar smokers. If you’re a recent smoker, this guide is for you, particularly if you intend to apply for a membership at a cigar lounge.


The first rule of cigar etiquette was written by Zino Davidoff in the year 1967. Most cigar fans follow the rules of Davidoff’s guide closely on the dos and don’t of smoking a cigar. These rules are mostly traditional, and some other rules evolved from advancing smoking trends.

There are a couple of rules guiding cigar smoking. Most cigar lovers will agree that you shouldn’t dip your cigar into scotch or whiskey. It is not encouraging to lick or chew your cigar’s end and leave the band on.

Some people also believe that it’s wrong to cut a good cigar in half, relight it or grind it up in an ashtray. When you’re smoking at home, you may smoke the cigar however you wish. Still, if you’re smoking at a local cigar lounge, then you want to pay more attention to these rules and etiquette to avoid being alienated by other cigar enthusiasts around you.

It’s common sense to know that it is not acceptable to blow smoke right in anyone’s face or leaving behind a pile of ashes on the floor. Wherever you smoke, remember to give the other people around you some respect.


When visiting your local cigar lounge to smoke, do not bring in an outside cigar. You have to purchase a cigar inside the cigar lounge as this is what the owners depend on to remain in business. If you bring in a personal cigar from home or elsewhere, it goes to show that you’re only at the cigar lounge to make use of its amenities without letting them gain from you too. Purchasing a cigar from the cigar lounge is also a sign of support. Even if you have to bring a cigar from your stockpile, probably because the lounge doesn’t sell the cigar of your choice, you can at least purchase a cigar cutter or even lighter from the cigar shop of the lounge.


When you’re done smoking, it is better to avoid stubbing the cigar out. This is a known rule among cigar smokers and enthusiasts that should be followed. When you’re through smoking, just place the cigar down on the ashtray and leave it to die off itself. Many cigar smokers dislike the unpleasant smell of stubbing a cigar as though it was a cigarette and find it vulgar.


Most cigar lounges have a walk-in humidor, which is probably the first place you’d stop when you get into a cigar lounge. It is disrespectful to light your cigar immediately after purchasing it while still at the walk-in humidor. These humidors are precisely controlled, and the smell of your lit cigar could affect the scent of the cigars on the shelves. It is advisable to wait until you’re seated in the lounge before lighting up your cigar.


Lighting another person’s cigarette is relatively easy and thoughtful, but a cigar is not as straightforward as that. Cutting and lighting up a cigar is personal, and people have various preferential ways of doing it. You can lend someone your cigar cutter or lighter but never light it up for them.


Everyone has different tastes in cigars, so do not laugh or speak down on anyone for their cigar choices. Smoke what you like and mind your business. Avoid comparing your smoke to that of others.


Before you ask to use someone else’s cutter, ensure that you have not placed it in your mouth. It’ll be rude to ask to use another person’s cigar, knowing fully well that you have placed the cigar in your mouth already. It is unsanitary and unhealthy.


Do not ash all over the floor, and try your best to keep your ashtray closeby for when the ash drops off. When you notice that the ash is about an inch from your cigar, you can softly tap it over the ashtray for it to drop into it neatly. You can also roll the end of the cigar across the ashtray for the ash to drop right into it. Do not tap the cigar over the floor to avoid ashing on the floor, and clean up after yourself when you’re done. Also, respect the rules of the lounge. These rules have been made to ensure that everyone is comfortable and enjoys their time at the lounge.


If you’re the type that smokes cigar after cigar, you may want to slow it down a bit, especially when you’re in public or a cigar lounge. You can puff your cigar at least once every minute. This will give the cigar time to cool off and also help you savor its aroma while relaxing. When you’re done with a cigar, you can wait for about 30 minutes before going on to light another, especially if you’re smoking expensive cigars. If you practice chain-smoking and rush through the first cigar to the last, it may taste bland.


These are only a handful of these rules as there are many other cigar etiquettes to follow. Whether you’re a beginner or a cigar enthusiast, you need to follow these rules, especially when smoking in a lounge or in public, to avoid getting alienated by your fellow cigar smokers who follow the rules.

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