What is a stogie?


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There is a lot of history behind the cigar industry and how it began, the process and time it took it to evolve from leaves rolled up together, to what it is today. If you are familiar with the cigar terms, then at one point you must have heard of a stogie. You don’t need to be an experienced cigar smoker to have heard of this word, because it can be often used between beginners and experts. Now the critical question is, what is a stogie? What is the difference between a stogie and a traditional cigar? In this article, we are going to help you understand better what a stogie is, and the difference between a stogie and regular cigars. You might be surprised to know that not all cigars can be regarded as stogies.

A stogie

Individuals or people who are beginners in the smoking world can’t consider smoking a hobby yet. This is because smoking goes beyond lighting a cigar and puffing, it involves the ability to differentiate between a bad cigar and a good one, proper storage of your cigars and knowing the right cigar in terms of flavour and aroma. Usually, beginners are advised to go for cheaper cigars, so that they can learn the required ricks and lessons of each cigar. Once, you have known all there is to know, including the different aromas and flavours, you can truly appreciate the more expensive cigars and their unique features. If you are looking for the different cigars and their shapes, you can check (Cigar Sizes And Shapes) . If you are about to try your first cigar, a stogie would be recommended as your first try, because it would give you the perfect first-time experience. But, if you have been smoking cigarettes, and you wish to switch over to cigars, then you don’t need to start with a stogie. Cigarettes smokers often are capable of handling the stronger and higher-priced cigars because of the experience they already have from smoking cigarettes.

The recent confusion has come from people who are trying to understand if a stogie can be regarded as a cigarette or a cigar. The misunderstanding and confusion are common between beginners and experts, meaning not everybody understands what a stogie is or does.

If you are new to smoking, you should never make the mistake of calling a stogie a cigarette, because most experts and cigar lovers consider it an insult to the cigar brand. So basically, a stogie is a cigar. Stogie was originated from a slang people used to refer to cigars. All cigars can be referred to as a cigar, with the Cuban cigar the only exception.

You can also check What Is A Cuban Cigar? to have a better understanding of a Cuban cigar. In the beginning, cigars which are cheap, thin and already had a cut were referred to as a stogie. If you are a beginner into smoking, and you want to have the best possible experience of a cigar at a cheaper rate, then a stogie is your best choice. The history behind the Stogie is an exciting one and the fact it has come to be commonly used by most cigar lovers, is also fascinating.

The history of Stogie

During your search for the history of stogies, you might have heard different stories, and most of them can be quite convincing. Well, in our quest for the truth, we came across a story that holds the best facts and is quite convincing. The story is supported by facts of the history of stogies and how it is relevant in today’s cigar industry. Earlier the days, the word stogie was used to describe very specific types of cigars. Recently, most people refer to almost all types of cigars as stogies, even the expensive and high-quality cigars.

The word Stogie was gotten from the Conestoga, which is a small town that is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The town is popular because it happens to be the place where cheap handmade cigars became popular, and it was common among drivers of the Conestoga wagons, mainly because of the cigars thin features and the fact that it is tied up with a rope. The stogies were commonly preferred to be smoked on a long journey, making it the first choice for long-distance drivers which helped it become popular. During the gold rush season, there was a shoe that was common among wagon drivers, and that was part of the origin of the word Stogie. The nickname “stogie” was a quick way people used to remember the drivers and their famous shoes.

After the gold rush era, there was a decline in the gold activities, and that also affected the popularity of the wagon drivers and their famous shoes. During the decline, the term stogie was used to refer to thin cigars which were cheap and were smoked famously among the drivers. Slowly the term stogie was used mainly for cigars, and the famous shoes were forgotten.

Stogie is mainly used to refer to cheap thin cheroot cigars because that was what many people started smoking over time. Want makes most cigar expensive and cost a lot in terms of production is the fact that they taper, but that is not the case with the Stogie. A stogie has no tapper, and that has helped reduce the cost of production, thereby making it affordable. Recently, it has been a common occurrence that most cigar smokers call every type of cigar a stogie. But for smoke shops, cigar lounge and cigar experts, they are in a better position to differentiate a stogie from other cigars.


For everyone who has ever smoked, both new and old smokers, then there is a very high possibility you have tried out a classic stogie at one point or the other. This will be very common for people who would have bought a cigar from smoke shops with limited editions or those who don’t have premium cigars. Beginners mainly prefer stogies because of its affordability and low cost of maintenance. In this article, we have helped you have a better understanding of what a stogie is and the difference between a stogie and other cigars.