The Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Humidor Review


The Mantello 25-50 cigar desktop humidor retains the optimum flavor and strength of cigars. You must keep them at a particular temperature as close as possible to 21 degrees with near 70% humidity. It contains a draw-able tray and divider. It is made of fine Rosewood. They are sometimes of different colors like dark or light wooden colors, with a time badge on the front side of it. Complemented by the Gold smooth flat thin piece of metal, a removable cedar divider, follow instructions and get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At this price, you can buy The deluxe glass top and still have your cigar budget intact.

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Structural characteristics

The Mantello 25-50 cigar desktop humidor is made of Spanish cedar, which helps you see the interior with the help of the glass top without opening it, which can also be replaced by choice. It also enables the taste of the cigars.

The Mantello 25-50 cigar desktop humidor is one of the best ways to preserve cigarettes. One of the best ways to store cigars is to store them in a good, functional humidor. For more reason, you should try the mantello25-50 cigar desktop humidor. To know more about Mantello cigar humidor, check out tupperdo cigar storage guide and review here

How to take care of the Mantello cigar humidor

    • Keep in a safe place; keep it in an area that won’t get knocked over.
    • When cleaning, use a soft material and beeswax polish to clean your Humidor.
    • Avoid spilling water on your Humidor.
    • Keep it safe from the hands of children.
    • Keep your Cigar (when not in use and Humidor away from direct sunlight.)
    • it’s essential to keep the temperature at 21 degrees Celsius with near 70-degree humidity.

Taking care of your Cigar

An easy way to checking if your cigars are in optimum condition is to press your thumb below the band. They should be firm to the touch. And spring back up after you release your hand. If it happens otherwise, know that they have been over humidified

Do not store anything but cigars in your Humidor.

Make sure you rotate the layers of the Cigars from top to bottom from time to time. (if not used regularly)

How to know when your Cigar has been over humidified is that it turns out that a powdery ‘bloom’ forming on your cigars. Meanwhile, you can easily brush the powdery dust away from top to bottom using a brush.

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Pros of the mantello humidor

OK. First things first, your health matters a lot.

The Humidifier is a solution caused by dry air. Cracked lips and bloody noses are some of the things caused by dry air. If you are asthmatic, please consult a doctor before trying install a humidifier. (Although it can also reduce symptoms of asthma.)

The Ultrasonic Humidifiers have antibacterial filters that help solve water maintenance issues.

Cons of the mantello humidor

In an ultrasonic humidifier, some units release white dust, which contains bacteria and can be harmful to human health.

It requires tedious maintenance: Humidifiers need to be maintained regularly. The maintenance sometimes can be demanding for those who don’t have much time to put in the effort.

All around the world, Cigars usually have a 5.5-inch size. They also have a 42 ring gauge. We have Robust, Toro, Churchill; all these Cigars are unique if preserved well. They all possess a delicious aroma when stored in a nice Desktop Humidor. See more cons of the Mantello cigar here la Cubana glass wooden cigar humidor


Humidifiers like Ultrasonic Humidifiers can be energy efficient, and they don’t generate noise. The best used so far is Mantello 25-50 cigar humidity

Each time I find myself in situations like this, I choose the best among all. As far as I am sure it’s worth it, then it’s worth my money.

Get a product that is worth your money. Mantello brand products are worth the price. They are known for genuineness and durability.