7 Best Pipe Lighters in 2021

ST Dupont Ligne 8 Lighter

IM Corona Old Boy Chromium Lighter

Kiribi Kabuto Pipe Lighter

Expert pipe smokers know that getting the best smoking experience depends largely on the quality of the equipment. This means that, if you use a poorly designed pipe, you may not be able to properly draw in smoke and keep a light and you will also taste the negative byproducts of the tobacco you’re smoking.

However, a lot of long time pipe smokers do not really know the benefits, perks and advantages of purchasing a pipe lighter that is specially designed. The top pipe lighters of today make it easy to light your pipe, and it also ensures that they remain lit. The best part is that these pipe lighters are quite affordable, and they are made to last for years.


Before you invest in a lighter, you need to know some things that will help you choose the best lighter for your needs. The first factor you have to keep in mind is getting a lighter that is easy to use and also long-lasting.

Even though pipe lighters are quite small, there are still differences in their individual design. If you’ve been a pipe smoker for a long time, you will know how vital the tools and preparations are to improve your smoking experience. Pipe lighters are made to raise the strength of the flame way above that of a cheap disposable lighter. However, there are many pipe lighters available and making a choice can be quite difficult, especially if you’re new to pipe smoking.


Using a pipe to smoke tobacco can be difficult if you’re using a disposable lighter or a basic torch lighter. These types of lighters are hard to turn sideways without risking a burn to your finger or burning way too much in the pipe’s bowl. Another problem with them is that they have to be disposed of after a while when they no longer have any lighter fluid.

Some of these disposable lighters have screws where they can be opened for refills. Still, because of the lighters cheap construction, they are not suitable for the majority of tobacco smokers except there is no other choice.

It is best to invest in a high-quality lighter that will last you a long time compared to what their basic counterparts can offer. Their name might imply that they can only be used for pipes, but they are also great lighters for any type of smoke such as cigars, cigarettes and hookahs.

Even if you smoke once in a while, you can also carry these lighters to any kind of outdoor event where a fire is needed. They can be indispensable items when it comes to all kinds of survival kits, especially wick lighters like the Zippo.


The major differences in pipe lighters usually depend on the type of fuel that is used to ignite the lighter. There are mainly two types of fuel used in lighters which includes butane; it is a gas that is highly flammable and is sometimes in liquid form. However, they are mostly found in butane lighters.

Another type of fuel used in lighters is Naptha mostly used in wick lighters, it is an easily ignited liquid, and it can also be used to clean rust. Don’t ever use charcoal lighter fluid in any type of lighter. It will ruin the wick while corroding the interior and also cause the nozzle to shoot sparks when its struck with a flint.

Also know that wick lighters don’t have a focused flame, and this makes the flame look like the flame from a fuel lantern. Butane flames are more direct; they send heat into small areas of the pipe. If you don’t like inhaling too strong when lighting your pipe, then you should consider a butane lighter over a wick lighter. However, if you need a traditional lighter that is versatile in its uses, then go for a wick lighter as it can serve other purposes.

We know that it might be overwhelming to choose the best pipe lighter out of the numerous lighters available on the market, that is why we have reviewed and analyzed the best pipe lighters. By going through this article, any tobacco enthusiasts will be able to easily choose a suitable lighter and enhance their smoking experience.

Let us check the list and see why these lighters are so special.

The Best Pipe Lighters Are Reviewed Below

We carried out research in order to bring you the best pipe lighters with their features and specifications.


ST Dupont Ligne 8 Lighter

This lighter is constructed to meet the needs of cigar enthusiasts while also being easy enough for first-timers to use, the Ligne 8 is constructed from the very best materials. This lighter is both easy to use and light in weight and easy to transport. It was made to be 30% lighter than the Ligne 2 models. This lighter is just two inches tall with a small flame, but it provides its user with a powerful flame.

The S.T Dupont Ligne 8 is made in Paris, France, which gives it a combination of the best old-world design and the beauty of modern technology. S.T. Dupont workes hard to make the internal mechanism of the lighter to be as good as its outer features, this lighter is reliable while also being durable and having a protective multilayer. It comes with an engraved logo.

The Ligne 8 uses a dual flame lighting style, which makes it consume a lot more fuel than the other lighters on this list. However, it is able to quickly light pipes much faster than other lighters. So it is worth the fuel consumption.

The Ligne 8 has a nice look with an incredible feel, and it gives pipe smokers the ability to get an even burning light. If you want the very best, go for the Ligne 8. It can be a bit expensive, but it provides you with everything you need.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design and compact size
  • Adjustable flame
  • Refillable design


  • Brand: ST Dupont
  • Model: Ligne 8 Lighter
  • Weight: 5.92 ounces
  • It has a sleek design
  • It features dual-flame
  • It is a high-quality lighter
  • It is quite expensive


IM Corona Old Boy Chromium Lighter

This lighter is chrome plated and features an adjustable flame. This butane saving lighter is great for smokers who want to control and maximize the value of their pipe smoking.

This lighter has a Corona Old Boy look that feels classic, reminding us of the lighters old-time smokers used to keep their pipes operating properly. It has the characteristics of an old-time look from its parallel line design to the flint lighting and its chrome finish. However, this lighter isn’t stuck in the past.

In fact, its features were improved and accentuated by its reliable components and its smart internal setup. It may feel like an Old Boy and also look like an Old Boy, but it has the minimal fuel usage and durability that you can only get with a modern-day lighter. Any user will notice that this Old Boy lighter offers the best of both worlds.

This model of the Old Boy lighter is handmade in Japan; it’s easy to refill and also limits its butane usage. Even if you use this lighter every day, you won’t have to refill the gas constantly. Other lighters may focus on being bigger and hotter, but the Old Boy is constructed to efficiently provide you with the ideal light. Plus, it also has an easy-adjust flame, and it can account for every type and size of your smoking pipe.

If you are searching for a lighter that is reliable, efficient and handmade, then you should consider the Old Boy. This lighter honours the design s of the past while bringing you the features of the modern-day.

Key Features:

  • Chromium-plated
  • Lift arm snuffer
  • Standard with cigar and cigarettes burner
  • Large fuel tank
  • Adjustable flame


  • Brand: IM Corona
  • Model: Old Boy Chromium Lighter
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.5 * 2.3 * 1.4 inches
  • It is quite affordable
  • It is handmade with a solid appearance
  • It uses butane as its fuel
  • Some expert smokers might not appreciate the flint striking


Kiribi Kabuto Pipe Lighter

The Kiribi Kabuto is the most affordable lighter on this list. Some pipe smokers may write off this lighter, but doing that will be a mistake because this lighter is a great and recommendable lighter.

It has a simple appearance and design; it is handmade in Japan and compromises of aluminium, steel and brass. The style of this lighter is produced specifically for pipes, and its fuel efficiency further improves it. With this lighter, you will get a lot of lights with a single fill.

It is a small lighter; it is about two inches in height and about one and one-fifth inches in width. It is easy to use and transport. It is also presented in a beautifully designed gift box that also acts as a protective case.

This lighter’s flame is best for pipes when it comes to both size and temperature. When you use this lighter, you know that the manufacturers made it with pipe smoker in mind and their hard work has paid off. When it comes to affordability and functionality, the Kiribi Kabuto lighter is a wonderful choice; it will serve you for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Comes in a safety box
  • Handmade in Japan


  • Brand: Kiribi
  • Model: Kabuto Pipe Lighter
  • Weight: 2.2 ounces
  • Color: Matte black
  • It has a low price which makes it affordable
  • It is a high-quality lighter
  • None known


Zippo Pipe Lighters

Zippo has been known to be a staple for smokers all over the world. It is known for manufacturing various designs and colours on its square-shaped exterior. They are so popular that even non-smokers buy then for other purposes such as camping in the woods, lighting fireplaces and grilling in their backyard.

Every Zippo lighter is waterproof so that you can use it in humid and moist conditions without any issues. You can easily turn the lighter sideways to light your pipe without any problems. This lighter is controlled manually, the only way to adjust the flame is by regulating the lighter fluid from the bottom of the lighter. Overall this lighter is one of the best available on the market, and as long as you maintain this lighter properly, you will be able to keep it for life.

Key Features:

  • Windproof lighter
  • Refillable for lifetime usage
  • All metal construction
  • Made in USA


  • Brand: Zippo
  • Model: Zippo Pipe Lighters
  • It can be used in a vertical and horizontal position
  • The flame covers a wide part of the lighter, so you only need one inhale to keep the tobacco lit
  • It is wind resistant and will remain lit even if it’s blown with mild gusts
  • The lid has to be closed before the fire can be extinguished
  • If used heavily, the flint will wear down
  • It is hard to adjust the flame
  • The rayon has to be fed lighter fluid constantly for it to produce a flame


Mr. Brog Tobacco Pipe Lighter & Czech Pipe Tool

The Mr Brog Tobacco Pipe Lighter is great for people who do not want to carry around all the tools needed to maintain their pipes and also people that want access to the tools at all times. This pipe lighter features three different tools, a tamper, pick and reamer. They all fold out when pulled, but they can be pulled separately from the lighter’s body. This lighter has a straightforward design, its body parts are constructed from stainless steel, and it comes in a neat little box.

When it is lighted, the flame is produced in a tilted angle that is nearly horizontal. Thanks to the way the flame comes out, you don’t have to tilt your hand in an awkward position in order to light your pipe. It produces a very strong flame, which is why it is advised that you do not leave the flame adjustments at the highest setting. Make sure you adjust the flame setting the first time you light it after filling it with butane, to prevent an ignition that resembles that of a blowtorch. The Mr Brog lighter will serve you for a long time, and you won’t have to refill it often.

Key Features:

  • Flame adjuster
  • Soft flame angled at 45 degrees
  • Built-in 3 in 1 tool
  • Included gift box


  • Brand: Mr Brog
  • Model: Mr Brog Tobacco Pipe Lighter
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.7 * 2.6 * 0.9 inches
  • It comes with extra tools to help prep and maintain your pipe
  • It produces a strong flame that looks like that of a blow torch when it’s on the highest setting
  • It lasts for a long time before a refill is needed
  • It may stall in lighting due to its poor adjustment design, even if it’s filled with butane
  • It doesn’t come with an instruction manual
  • You need a cross-point driver to adjust the flame, and the adjuster is made from plastic
  • The extra tools are too short to be used properly on some pipes


Vector Elio Angled Flame Pipe Lighter

The Vector Elio Angled Flame Pipe Lighter has a sideways nozzle. It comes in three types, one with polished chrome, a grip and satin chrome. The best one is most likely the gripped version because it is easier to hold steady when the flame is up.

This lighter has a tamper inside of it that extends outwards when pulled. It has a precise and strong flame, and it only lights what comes in contact with the tip of the flame. This can be quite useful if you like using small pipes to smoke, you’ll be able to burn small segments of the bowl’s content without all the tobacco burning while inhaling.

You should also know not to let the flame sir for more than 30 seconds if not the handle will become too hot and it will slowly destroy the adjustment screw. You also have to click the lighter more than once before it produces a flame. Even with all these little problems, the Vector Elio is a great casual lighter for any pipe smoker.

Key Features:

  • Angled flame
  • Side firing soft flame
  • Removable tamper
  • Flame adjustment wheel
  • Refillable and wind resistant


  • Brand: Vector Elio
  • Model: Vector Elio Angled Flame Pipe Lighter
  • Its handle has a leather-like grip that provides the user with a steady grip while operating the lighter
  • It comes with an in-built tamper for cleaning and packing
  • It burns the tobacco precisely and with less smoke
  • It is easy to open the flame adjustment wheel for fast refills quickly
  • It has to be clicked multiple times before it can work most of the time
  • If the flame is lit for more than 30 seconds, then it may malfunction


Flint Stone Lighter

The exterior design of this lighter gives it a durable look and also allows you to hold it firmly. This lighter uses butane, and it produces a strong flame that is quickly ignited, be careful the first time you turn it on.

It also comes with extra tools that include a small reamer and a tamper. The tamper is used in packing the pipe before smoking; it can also be used to clear debris that might be stuck at the opposite end of the pipe. Once you have adjusted the flame, it will remain the same till you refill it, but do not over relax, you will need a good screw that can easily deal with small plastic pieces. If you’re a heavy smoker, you might have to refill frequently because of how small the lighter is, but all these do not make the Flit any less of a good quality lighter. It is produced to withstand years of usage, just ensure that you keep it clean.

Key Features:

  • Interlocking tamper tool
  • Reamer knife
  • Strong, durable build


  • Brand: Mrs Brog
  • Model: Flint Stone Lighter
  • Weight: 90g (3oz)
  • Size: 65mm * 32mm * 12.5mm (2.5 * 1.25 * 5 inches)
  • The extra tools that come with the pipe are made properly and can reach into tight corners of the pipe
  • Once you have placed the adjustment at a desirable spot, it won’t move from that spot as long as butane is topped off when needed
  • You can’t adjust the flame with your hand
  • It has a small fuel capacity, making you refill it constantly even when you use it moderately
  • The cog may become loose during adjustments, and it can be difficult to put it back

Buying Guide Questions

What is a pipe lighter?

A pipe lighter is a lighter that produces a soft flame that can cover a broad area and it usually comes from the side of the lighter and this makes it easy to angle the flame to light your pipe.

How does a pipe lighter work?

The design of the lighter closes the flame in metal which allows it to be dragged into the pipe without having to bend over the bowl and damaging it. It lights your tobacco properly without causing damage to the bowl.

Can you light a pipe with a lighter? What is the best lighter for pipes?

Yes, you can use a lighter to light your pipe, but it may cause some challenges. The best type of lighter to use for pipes is the butane lighters. They give you an even burn, and it doesn’t have any smell.

Are Zippo lighters good for pipes?

Zippo lighters are the most common lighters among pipe smokers. They are versatile and handy. Yes, they are suitable for lighting pipes.

Can you light a Zippo upside down?

It is advised not to light any kind of lighter upside down. The flame will rise and might end up burning your thumb.

What’s a trench lighter?

A trench lighter was first made from a used bullet casing and pieces of metal in the early 1900s by the military.


It’s not easy to decide which lighter is the best, every lighter on this list has its advantages, disadvantages and style. They are different in design and features, so choose the one that best suits your needs and have a wonderful smoking experience.

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