Why is my humidor not holding humidity?


Most beginners often encounter a lack of humidity in a humidor in the cigar world, so you should not worry when your humidor is not holding humidity. If you own a humidor, this might be a situation you are likely to come across because you might not be able to get the precise humidity settings on the first try. Usually, the main cause of low humidity in your humidor is the lack of proper seasoning before storing your cigar. Luckily, it is relatively easy to season your humidor, and you can keep your cigars fresh and new and prevent them from drying out. All you need to do is, adjust the humidity level in your humidor. In this article, we will be giving you some expert reasons/causes of why your cigar humidor is not holding humidity again.


Proper maintenance is very important in helping your humidor perform its full capacity. You should carry out maintenance regularly. In this section, we will be guiding you through the process needed to maintain your humidor effectively. Firstly, you will need distilled water, and then you will need to pour the distilled water in your humidifier slowly. Then, you will need to get a large cloth and put it into a distilled water. Remove the excess water from the cloth because the aim is to get the cloth damp. You will use the damp cloth to clean the inside of the humidor gently, and you must prevent water from settling at the bottom. The next step will be to open the humidor and put the humidifier and hygrometer inside. You will then shut the doors of the humidor and leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you will know if the humidity has reached your expected target. To do this, you will need to check the hygrometer. While observing the humidity level, you should also check to make sure that there is no water settled at the humidor base and if you notice any water, ensure to clean it properly before closing the humidor. Finally, you will have to set the desired level for your humidity and insert your cigars inside before closing tightly.

Proper sealing

Not sealing the humidor properly is one reason why it is difficult to get your expected humidity range. One common mistake people make is not properly closing their humidor, which could affect the humidity level, also leaving the door open for more than a few minutes can also be a cause. Whenever you want to grab a cigar from your humidor, remember to quickly get what you want and close the humidor properly and quickly to prevent humidity loss.

Common humidor issues

As much as humidity is needed to preserve your cigar, it is also good to know that excess or inadequate humidity can damage your cigars. We all know that getting the perfect humidity level for your cigar in your humidor is very important, but this important aspect can also turn out to be a problem. Excess moisture or over dry cigar can be a sign that you are using your humidor in the wrong way. Below are some of the effects of excess or inadequate humidity.

Dried out cigars

Probably, while smoking one of your cigars recently, you might have noticed or felt that it feels dried out. A dried-out cigar is a strong sign that your cigars are not getting the right amount of humidity supplied to them while in the humidor. Some of the causes of this may include; not closing your humidor properly, not properly seasoning your humidor, leaving your humidor open for long, or probably you might need to change your humidor or get an upgrade. Having the best cigar humidor will save you a lot of stress, and if you are looking for a recommendation, then the Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor would be a perfect fit. It is top of our list because it allows you adjust humidity levels to be precise and very effective.

Purchasing a humidor is one thing, but getting the right one is another aspect to consider. For people who recently purchased a new humidor, the first thing you should do is check the inside. The purpose of checking inside the humidor is to feel the wood and make sure the wood isn’t too dry because dry wood tends to suck moisture from the air, making the dry cigar brittle. Because of this possible dry effect, you must season any recently purchased humidor before deciding to store your cigar inside. If your humidor was recently purchased and difficult to maintain the required humidty, it might need re-seasoning to get back to its full capacity.

Another cause of dry cigars can be a bad or faulty humidor seal. Although this doesn’t happen often, it isn’t easy to notice at times. When your humidor’s seal is faulty, it tends to leak air, which will affect your humidor’s humidity level.

A condition that is not often common is caused by sunlight. When your humidor is constantly left under the sun, it becomes difficult for your humidor to maintain a consistent temperature. Not filling your humidor up with the required amount of cigar is not advisable because the cigars tend to buffer your temperature control.

Wet cigars

If your cigar has a different taste, it is difficult to light or keep lit, and then this is a sign that your cigar might be overly humidified. Over humidity can be a cause of a humidity system that is excessive. That is why it is best to purchase a new humidor to read the instructions first to have an idea of the perfect condition to get the best out of your humidor.


Mold often occurs in a humidor when it is humid or warm excessively. If you notice mold in your humidor, the best solution will be to sand the interior surface with a 120 grit sandpaper aid. The next thing you should do is remove any excess dust that might be found inside the humidor and clean with a cloth dissolved slightly in little alcohol before cleaning with distilled water.


Lack of humidity or inadequate maintenance of your humidor can lead to dry cigars, growth of molds, and so many other issues, so it is best to take proper care of your humidor to prevent damage to cigars stored inside.