What is best? Straight cut, Cigar Punch, or V cut?


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Cutting a cigar is very important because if you don’t know anything about cutting a cigar, you could ruin even the best cigars in the world. Anything different from the precise cut can leave you with a bad cut that cold makes your cigar tough to draw, or it could make your cigar unravel, leaving tiny pieces of raw tobacco on your taste buds. If you can draw successfully, it could be excessively bold or mild, which could ruin the flavor entirely. Any wrong cut can make it difficult to enjoy the cigar and might require you to throw it away completely.

For a beginner who has purchased a premium cigar, cutting your cigar perfectly might look like a difficult task because of the risk involved. It should not be difficult because you will get the ideal cut and improve your smoking experience with the right cutter and a lot of practice.

There are different methods of cutting your cigar, and in this article, we would be looking at the V cut, straight cut, and cigar punch methods. We will try to determine which is the best method to use. Below we will be giving you a brief explanation of the different methods, together with the benefits and drawbacks.

Straight cut

This method is the most popular and well-known method of cutting cigars known by most individuals, and it is easy to do. The ease of carrying out this kind of cut makes it the best choice for beginners, and it leaves a neatly cut line, which is probably the most difficult part to carry out. If you have had several disappointments when attempting to cut your cigar, then you should get a good cutter fr your cigars.

Before you start cutting your cigar, make sure the blade is not blunt at all. In a hurry, some people believe that using scissors of a knife for cutting your cigar is good, but that is not the case because it might not be safe. The straight cut method provides you more smoke because it has more surface area when cut, making it the choice of many cigar enthusiasts. Usually, when trying to make this cut, people go for the regular guillotine cigar cutter. With the help of the conventional guillotine cigar cutter, you are guaranteed a straight cut. Just the cigar tip will be cut off like a real guillotine with just one stroke, and you don’t need to use an accurate cutting method. If you cut too little, then you can just cut it again. The main problem will be when you cut excess because it will affect the draw and make the cigar too airy, making it hot too quickly. It will also affect the taste and make the cigar wrapper to unwind and flake.


The straight cut can be used for most cigars, and shape or size is not considered. Most times, a straight cut make it easy and comfortable for you to draw your cigar.


You might get tiny pieces of tobacco into your mouth when you consider the opening of the cap.


A straight cut is the most widely sued and versatile cutting method that can be carried out with a guillotine, scissors, and a sharp blade. This method can be used when trying to get a pointed a rounded parejo or figurado cigar, and it is exact and quick.


Punch cuts are circle like cuts which are created on the cigar head. A punch cutter is easy to recognize, and it is affordable relative to the other kinds of cutters. One major disadvantage of using this kind of cuter where the cigar may get clogged with tobacco with saliva. Beginners in the smoking are better off opting for this method because it reduces the chances of getting pieces of tobacco into their mouths. You might also find it very handy because they are joined to key chains, making them easy to carry around.

The punch-style has similar functions to that of a V-cutter because it helps lower the rate of flaking and make a tight draw. It is best to use this kind of cutter on round-capped cigars because it will be as efficient on other cigars like torpedoes. Similar to that of the V-cut, there is plenty room in the cap’s diameter, which allows for a bigger draw and can be very restricting to some smokers.


You will have a much tinier opening with this kind of cut, making any cigar cut like this to be like a torpedo. This gives it a more complex flavour. There is minimal risk of getting pieces of tobacco into your mouth because the punch cut helps retain most of the cigar’s cap.


The punch cutter is not great for cutting thin cigars, such as torpedoes. Also, you might experience the cigar getting hot quickly, that is because of the small opening.


Most smokers prefer this kind of cigar to the V-cutter or a guillotine because it is convenient and straightforward to use.


When you use the popular V-cut on your cigars, it makes a wedge-shaped cut in you cigar’s cap. The V-cutter is very precise and requires your full attention when trying to use it to cut your cigar. The first thing to do is place the cap of your cigar into the opening of the V-cutter, and then firmly press down the cutter with the help of your middle finger and thumb. You will get a wedge-shaped cut once you can follow this procedure and are assured a cleaner cut and more control. You don’t need to worry about the cigar’s wrapper unraveling because with this kind of cut leaves the cigar’s cap intact.


This kind of cut guarantees you a combination of a punch and a straight cut. It also retains most of the cigar cap and makes it easy to draw.


The cut may shut down while you are smoking in some instances, and that could make a drawing of the cigar difficult.


You will need to go deeper than usual with the V-cut, and you will need to cut about one-eighth of an inch off.


Kowing the kind of cigar cut to use depends mainly on your kind of cigar, and your personal choice also has a part in your final decision. Again, you can carry out a little experiment on your best cigars to know which kind of cut suits you best. We hope you find this article helpful and have found the best cigar cut.