How to Ash a Cigar

Introduction Caring While smoking a cigar, you don’t have to always tap on the ash like you would when smoking a cigarette. Unlike a cigarette, a cigar made by oneself is made of long-filler tobacco, making it hold sturdier longer ash compared to a cigarette. But for a long term smoker, you don’t know how … Read more

How To Adjust The Humidity Of Your Humidor

Introduction Humidors help you maintain the freshness of your cigar; it is vital that you learn how to properly adjust the humidity of your humidor to stay in the proper humidity range of 62 to 74 percent humidity. The ideal humidity percentage to maintain is 70%, but most people find it difficult to maintain their … Read more

How many cigars can you smoke in a day?

Introduction Every beginner is expected to meet challenges when they start smoking. It is inevitable and should not be a cause for concern. Some frequent mistakes beginners make might include; what kind of cigar to pick, how to smoke a cigar or a simple mistake of selecting the perfect cigar. Inhaling the cigar is one … Read more

How long do cigars last?

Introduction A great feeling comes when you light up your cigar, especially the perfectly aged ones, which has a complex flavor accompanied by a perfect aroma. If you have invested some money in getting a cigar collection, it would be terrible if it gets spoilt because you had no idea how to store your cigar … Read more

How Far Down Should A Cigar Be Smoked

INTRODUCTION A beginner at smoking has quite a lot to learn concerning the act of smoking a cigar. A beginner will have to learn about the unwritten rules, etiquettes and traditions that guide the act of smoking cigars. For example, you need to know how to light your cigar and even how to ash it … Read more

How Are Cigars Made?

Introduction You are a cigar lover, or you consider smoking cigars one of your favourite hobbies for relaxation or fun. But do you know how your cigars are made?. In his article, we will be taking you through the in-depth process involved in making some of your favourite cigars. Most cigars we smoke, are made … Read more